125 Worm Jokes

Worms may seem like creatures of the underground, but their quirky and relatable antics have wriggled their way into our hearts and jokes. From their penchant for wordplay to their playful escapades, these fascinating creatures inspire a world of humor.

Join us on a delightful journey through a collection of worm-related jokes that’ll unearth giggles, showcasing their down-to-earth charm and their penchant for squirm-inducing wit.

Worm Jokes

Top 125 Worm Jokes:

  1. Why don’t worms go to parties? Because they’re always feeling a little down-to-earth!
Worm Joke 1
Worm Joke 1
  1. What did the worm say to the apple? “Nice to meet you, I’m your biggest fan!”
Worm Joke 2
Worm Joke 2
  1. What do worms use to read? Bookworms.
Worm Joke 3
Worm Joke 3
  1. Why did the worm join a dating app? He wanted to find someone to worm his way into their heart!
Worm Joke 4
Worm Joke 4
  1. Why did the worm get in trouble in class? It wouldn’t stop squirming.
Worm Joke 5
Worm Joke 5
  1. What’s a worm’s favorite piece of clothing? Its earth-suit.
Worm Joke 6
Worm Joke 6
  1. What do you call a worm who can sing? A glowworm.
Worm Joke 7
Worm Joke 7
  1. Why did the worm get a time-out? He was going around in circles.
Worm Joke 8
Worm Joke 8
  1. What do worms order at the cafe? A cup of “decompost.”
Worm Joke 9
Worm Joke 9
  1. What did the worm do when it lost its glasses? It got contacts, because it couldn’t see the dirt.
Worm Joke 10
Worm Joke 10
  1. How do worms resolve their issues? They always get to the root of the problem.
  2. Why did the worm refuse to join the sports team? It heard they were always getting into the dirt.
  3. How did the worm propose to his girlfriend? He gave her a diamond encrusted apple.
  4. What do you call a worm that’s an author? An ink-worm.
  5. What is a worm’s favorite song? “Worming up to you.”
  6. Why are worms terrible secret keepers? They always spill the dirt.
  7. How do worms get their morning caffeine fix? They drink ground coffee.
  8. What’s a worm’s favorite school subject? Earth Science.
  9. What did the worm say to its friend when it moved? “I’m just going to worm my way over here!”
  10. Why did the worm go to school? To become a bookworm.
  11. What’s a worm’s favorite movie? “Gone with the Worm.”
  12. What do worms put in their hair? Soil gel.
  13. How do worms stay healthy? They always eat their apples.
  14. What’s a worm’s favorite dance move? The squirm.
  15. Why was the worm blushing? It saw the gardener’s spade.
  16. What do worms use to cut the earth? Their dirt shears.
  17. How do worms relax? They do some ground yoga.
  18. What did the worm say to the centipede? “You have too many feet for my liking!”
  19. Why did the worm cross the playground? To get to the other slide.
  20. What do you call a worm with no teeth? A gummi worm.
  21. What did the worm say after eating the apple? “Core blimey!”
  22. What’s a worm’s favorite exercise? The earthworm push up.
  23. Why don’t worms ever win at poker? They always show their hand in the dirt.
  24. What kind of stories do worms tell their children? Soil tales.
  25. Why do worms never go on a diet? They’re always in shape.
  26. What is a worm’s favorite spot to hang out? The compost heap.
  27. What’s a worm’s favorite vegetable? Root vegetables, of course!
  28. What is a worm’s favorite fast food? McEarthworms.
  29. Why was the worm unhappy with his job? It was too much grind.
  30. What did the worm say to his crush? “You worm my heart!”
  31. What did the worm say to the book? “I’m just here for the juicy bits.”
  32. Why was the worm unhappy at the beach? Too much sand, not enough soil.
  33. How do worms light their way in the dark? They use glow-worms.
  34. What’s a worm’s favorite holiday? Earth Day.
  35. What do you call a worm who’s good at math? A square root.
  36. Why did the worm get an award? He was outstanding in his field.
  37. How did the worm scare his friend? He told him a scary soil story.
  38. What’s a worm’s favorite sport? Dirt biking.
  39. How do worms propose to their partners? With a ring made out of apple core.
  40. Why did the worm start a garden? To have some dirt to dish.
  41. Why don’t worms like to gossip? They find it too soil-y.
  42. What’s a worm’s favorite type of music? Rock ‘n’ roll, because they’re always rolling in the dirt.
  43. Why did the worm bring a ruler to the garden? He wanted to measure the earth’s worm.
  44. How do worms get to the other side of the river? They slime across.
  45. Why did the worm go to the therapist? It had too many ground issues.
  46. What did the worm say to the mole? “I’m just here for the dirt.”
  47. What’s a worm’s favorite TV show? “The Real Houseworms.”
  48. What do worms use to fix their houses? Earthquake glue.
  49. How did the worm learn to fly? He read a book on “Inchworms and Helicopters.”
  50. What do worms eat for breakfast? Earthflakes.
  51. Why did the worm become a comedian? Because he always had a soil sense of humor.
  52. What’s a worm’s favorite fruit? Apples, they are always in them.
  53. Why do worms avoid playing hide and seek? Because they always leave a trail.
  54. What’s a worm’s favorite type of joke? Dirty ones!
  55. Why do worms never get lost? They always leave a trail.
  56. What’s a worm’s favorite city? Worms, Germany.
  57. How does a worm say goodbye? “Worm wishes!”
  58. What’s a worm’s favorite bedtime story? “James and the Giant Peach.”
  59. What do you call a worm that can rap? A squirmworm.
  60. Why did the worm go to Hollywood? To get into the “grit”ty side of the industry.
  61. Why don’t worms make good detectives? They always leave traces.
  62. How does a worm get clean? It takes a soil bath.
  63. Why was the worm sad? Because everyone looked down on him.
  64. What is a worm’s favorite weather? Rain, because it’s earthwater.
  65. How do worms pay for their coffee? With dirt coins.
  66. Why did the worm become a farmer? He wanted to dig deeper into his work.
  67. What’s a worm’s least favorite exercise? Jumping jacks – they prefer staying close to the ground.
  68. What do you call a worm who is a mechanic? A gearworm.
  69. What do you call a worm that is always late? A slowworm.
  70. Why do worms avoid the sun? They don’t want to dry out their humor.
  71. Why don’t worms play football? They’re afraid of getting kicked.
  72. What’s a worm’s favorite type of poetry? “Worm-verse.”
  73. Why did the worm break up with his girlfriend? He felt she was taking him for granted.
  74. What did the worm say to the shovel? “You’re digging too deep!”
  75. What’s a worm’s favorite video game? Earthworm Jim.
  76. Why do worms always carry a map? They don’t want to dig the wrong hole.
  77. Why did the worm start a YouTube channel? To go viral and spread the dirt.
  78. What’s a worm’s favorite type of shoe? Earth sneakers.
  79. What do worms use to write their diaries? Dirt ink.
  80. Why was the worm always tired? He had a lot on his plate.
  81. Why was the worm happy in the rain? He was having a mud bath.
  82. What did the worm say to the mud? “You’re my kind of dirt.”
  83. Why do worms love winter? They can tunnel through the snow.
  84. What’s a worm’s favorite game? “King of the Mound.”
  85. How do worms throw a party? They dig a hole and everyone worms in.
  86. What do worms take when they’re sick? Earth medicine.
  87. Why do worms make bad lawyers? They can’t stand their ground.
  88. Why do worms love gardening? They like to keep their home tidy.
  89. What’s a worm’s favorite nursery rhyme? “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” because it’s about another critter that loves the ground.
  90. Why was the worm always the star of the show? He was a natural at “ground” performances.
  91. What’s a worm’s favorite ride at the fair? The “soil-o-coaster.”
  92. What do you call a worm who’s a magician? A “squirmisher.”
  93. What’s a worm’s favorite ice cream flavor? Dirt chocolate.
  94. Why did the worm start a business? He wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  95. Why did the worm go to the art class? To learn about “earth” colors.
  96. What’s a worm’s favorite part of a tree? The roots.
  97. Why did the worm become a philosopher? He wanted to ponder the dirt of life.
  98. Why don’t worms have any secrets? They’re an open bookworm.
  99. What do you call a worm with a map? A navigator.
  100. Why was the worm afraid of heights? He always had his mind in the gutter.
  101. How do worms get around? They take the earth route.
  102. Why did the worm become a teacher? He loved being a bookworm.
  103. Why did the worm win the race? It took shortcuts underground.
  104. What’s a worm’s favorite type of pasta? Wormicelli.
  105. Why was the worm so knowledgeable? He was always “in the know” about the earth.
  106. How do worms say hello? “Earth to friend!”
  107. What do you call a worm who never stops eating? A bottomless pit.
  108. Why did the worm get into politics? He wanted to be on the ground floor of decision-making.
  109. How do worms get high scores on their tests? They’re bookworms!
  110. Why don’t worms ever pay for their food? It’s always on the house.
  111. Why did the worm become a geologist? He was fascinated by the layers of the earth.
  112. What’s a worm’s favorite type of cookie? Dirt cookies.
  113. Why was the worm the best student? He was always at the top of the “soil.”
  114. Why do worms never fight? They prefer to keep the peace and stay grounded.
  115. How did the worm cheer up his friend? He told him to always keep his head in the ground.


Who knew worms could be such fascinating, relatable, and often humorous creatures? Through these worm-centric jokes, we’ve peeled back the soil to reveal their endearing characteristics and undeniable charm. Whether they’re worming into our affections or leaving trails of laughter behind, these jokes remind us to appreciate the small wonders that wiggle their way into our lives, bringing joy in the most unexpected ways.

So, the next time you spot a worm, remember the laughter they’ve brought and the smiles they’ve sparked with their delightful, down-to-earth adventures!

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