125 Bath Puns

Dive into a world of bubbling laughter and soaking wit with these bath puns that promise to add a splash of humor to your day. From bathtub mishaps to sudsy soap tales, this collection of playful wordplay will leave you in stitches faster than you can say “rub-a-dub-dub.”

Whether you’re soaking in a tub or just looking for a lighthearted chuckle, these puns will wash away your worries and immerse you in a sea of giggles. So, lather up and get ready to plunge into the hilariously pun-derful world of bath-themed humor!

Bath Puns

Top 125 Bath Puns:

  1. I was going to write a book on bubble baths, but it popped before I could finish.
Bath Pun 1
Bath Pun 1
  1. I installed a new bath in my home, it was a tubject of great importance.
Bath Pun 2
Bath Pun 2
  1. Some people listen to music in the bath, I guess you could say they’re into tubthumping.
Bath Pun 3
Bath Pun 3
  1. Did you hear about the bath bomb business? It made a clean splash in the market.
Bath Pun 4
Bath Pun 4
  1. My friend’s bathtub is so small, she barely has room to waddle in the water.
Bath Pun 5
Bath Pun 5
  1. The bathtub broke a record, it just couldn’t keep its spout shut.
Bath Pun 6
Bath Pun 6
  1. I was really surprised when I saw a boat in my bath. It was a tubmarine.
Bath Pun 7
Bath Pun 7
  1. Do you know why the bathtub was so good at tennis? It really knew how to make a clean serve.
Bath Pun 8
Bath Pun 8
  1. The bath soap was so talented, it had a bubble of its own.
Bath Pun 9
Bath Pun 9
  1. If you ever drop soap in a bath, does it make a clean getaway?
Bath Pun 10
Bath Pun 10
  1. They always add rubber ducks to bath time. It’s nothing to quack about.
  2. I took a bath with my calculator. It was a real number cruncher.
  3. The bubble bath was such a crowd-pleaser, it always drew a full tub.
  4. They said I couldn’t combine a bath and a bed. So I made a waterbed.
  5. I always add bubbles to my bath. It’s the soap opera of my life.
  6. I started a bath bomb business, it’s a real bathlefield out there.
  7. Do you know where tubs go to relax? The bathhouse.
  8. What’s a tub’s favorite movie? Tublight.
  9. How does a bath make you feel better? It washes away your troubles.
  10. The soap ran out during my bath, I was in a lather of trouble.
  11. What’s a bathtub’s favorite dance? The Tap dance.
  12. My bathtub’s full of jokes, it’s always overflowing with laughter.
  13. My bath bomb business exploded, it was a real blast.
  14. The bath towel said, “I’ve got you covered.”
  15. My soap opera is in the tub, it’s called “Days of our Lather.”
  16. What’s a bathtub’s favorite vegetable? The leek.
  17. I put a clock in my bathtub, it was about time I soaked.
  18. Why do bathtubs never get lost? They always follow the drain.
  19. How do you call a bathtub that tells fortunes? A bathseer.
  20. My tub’s so comfortable, it’s got a lot of depth to it.
  21. The tub refused to drain, it was retaining water.
  22. What’s a bathtub’s favorite book? “Water for Elephants.”
  23. I put a gate in my bathtub. I call it bathgate.
  24. The bathtub started a podcast. It’s called “Tub Talk.”
  25. What’s a bathtub’s favorite card game? Go fish.
  26. I played a game in my bath. It was a real soaker.
  27. My bathtub enjoys jazz, it always overflows with rhythm.
  28. Why did the bathtub join the gym? To get a little more sink.
  29. What do you call a bathtub that can sing? A bath-tenor.
  30. I invited a friend to a bath party, he said it sounded like a splash.
  31. The bathtub joined a band. They call themselves “The Drainpipes.”
  32. I took a bath in the dark. It was a real blackout.
  33. The bathtub got a promotion, it’s now a Jacuzzi.
  34. My bathtub’s a real stand-up, always full of pun.
  35. The bubble bath didn’t need an introduction, it always made a splash.
  36. What’s a bathtub’s favorite meal? Soup!
  37. My bath towel works out daily. It’s always doing laps.
  38. What’s a bathtub’s favorite sport? Diving.
  39. What does a bath do when it retires? It takes a long soak.
  40. I gave a speech in my bathtub. It was very moving.
  41. My bathtub’s the life of the party, it’s always overflowing.
  42. I tried to drain my bath but it was resisting arrest.
  43. The bath was so relaxing, I didn’t want to pull the plug on it.
  44. What’s a bathtub’s favorite musical instrument? The tub-a.
  45. A bath a day keeps the grime away.
  46. My bathtub has a great sense of humor, it always leaves me in stitches.
  47. What did the soap say to the towel? “Don’t lather me up.”
  48. The bath bomb’s favorite song is “Splish Splash.”
  49. What do you call a bathtub with wheels? A roll in tub.
  50. I lost my soap in the bath. It was a slippery slope.
  51. I always feel blessed in my bathtub. It’s a real baptism.
  52. My bathtub has a degree in philosophy. It’s a deep thinker.
  53. My bath is so popular, it always draws a crowd.
  54. How do bathtubs pay their bills? With liquid assets.
  55. I didn’t realize I was out of bath bombs until it sunk in.
  56. The tub’s favorite actor is Robe-ert De Niro.
  57. What do you call a tub that can’t stop watching dramas? A soap addict.
  58. How do bathtubs communicate? Through pipes.
  59. What’s a bathtub’s favorite plant? Water lilies.
  60. What do you call a bath without water? A dry run.
  61. What’s a bathtub’s favorite dessert? Sponge cake.
  62. What’s a bath’s favorite type of music? Bubblegum pop.
  63. What’s a bathtub’s favorite part of the house? The drainpipe.
  64. What do you call a magical bathtub? A wizard of aahs.
  65. The bathtub took a vacation, it had a great time soaking up the sun.
  66. The bathtub had a rough day, it just couldn’t keep its head above water.
  67. The bath bomb was popular at parties, it was a real blast.
  68. How do bathtubs stay in shape? They always keep their drains running.
  69. The bath couldn’t handle the heat, so it got out of the kitchen.
  70. What’s a bathtub’s favorite type of tree? Weeping willow.
  71. What’s a bathtub’s favorite holiday? Soaksgiving.
  72. The bathtub got an award for its performance. It was a standing ovulation.
  73. My bathtub is so old, it’s a relic.
  74. What’s a bath’s favorite beverage? Bubble tea.
  75. What’s a bathtub’s favorite dish? Soapy water.
  76. I took a bath with my clothes on. It was a washout.
  77. My bathtub is so full of itself, it’s overflowing.
  78. What’s a bathtub’s favorite superhero? Aquaman.
  79. I dropped my rubber duck in the bath. It was a quack-up.
  80. My bathtub doesn’t like to stay clean. It’s always soaping dirty.
  81. What’s a bathtub’s favorite play? “Much Ado About Bathing.”
  82. What do you call a tub that has seen better days? A has-tub.
  83. What’s abathtub’s favorite exercise? Water aerobics.
  84. The bathtub was a musician, it knew all the scales.
  85. What do you call a sad bathtub? A teardrop.
  86. My bathtub became an actor, it had a running part.
  87. My bathtub’s favorite subject is history, it loves ancient soaps.
  88. What’s a bathtub’s favorite fruit? Watermelon.
  89. My bathtub is so clean, it’s spotless.
  90. What’s a bathtub’s favorite type of joke? Puns that hold water.
  91. My bathtub’s favorite TV show is “Bath’s Anatomy.”
  92. What do you call a lying bathtub? A tub of deceit.
  93. How do you call a tub that loves to eat? A Bathivore.
  94. My bathtub’s favorite movie is “Tub Story.”
  95. What do you call a bathtub that can’t make up its mind? A maybe tub.
  96. What’s a bathtub’s favorite type of fabric? Terry-cloth.
  97. The bathtub had a long day, it just couldn’t keep it’s drain up.
  98. My bath is always supportive, it’s a real backrest.
  99. What’s a bathtub’s favorite flower? Water-lilies.
  100. The bath soap never lost a fight, it was a real suds-buster.
  101. What do you call a bathtub that loves to dance? A twirlpool.
  102. My bathtub’s favorite type of bird is the duck.
  103. I took a bath with my shoes on. It was a real shoer.
  104. What do you call a bathtub that’s lost its mind? A mental bathcase.
  105. The bathtub was a poet, it could make words flow.
  106. What do you call a bathtub that’s quick to react? A fast tub.
  107. My bath bomb business didn’t take off. It was a real sinker.
  108. The bathtub was a painter, it had a great stroke.
  109. What do you call a fancy bathtub? A lavish.
  110. What’s a bathtub’s favorite type of cake? Sponge cake.
  111. My bathtub loves to play hide and seek. It’s a tub of fun.
  112. What do you call a noisy bathtub? A tubaloo.
  113. My bathtub is a real gem, it’s always sparkling.
  114. What do you call a bathtub that tells time? A water clock.
  115. My bathtub loves to make people laugh, it’s a stand-up tubedian.


As we bid adieu to this cascade of bathtub banter, it’s clear that these puns have truly made a clean splash! From quacking rubber ducks to splashy bath bombs, the humor found within the tub’s realm is boundless. Let these whimsical puns float on in your memory, ready to surface when you need a good laugh.

So, until the next time you dip into the world of bath humor, remember to stay bubbly, stay clean, and most importantly, keep those puns flowing like a never-ending faucet of joy!

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