147 TV Show Jokes

Get ready to laugh out loud as we dive into the hilarious world of TV show jokes! From beloved classics like “Friends” and “The Office” to gripping dramas like “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones,” these jokes will tickle your funny bone and leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re a fan of witty one-liners or clever puns, there’s something for everyone in this collection of TV show-inspired humor. So sit back, relax, and get ready to crack up with these side-splitting jokes that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

TV Show Jokes

Top 147 TV Show Jokes:

  1. Why don’t characters in “Friends” ever lock their doors? They’re just waiting for the audience to break in with laughter!
  2. What’s the difference between “The Bachelor” and a game of musical chairs? The music is more consistent in musical chairs.
  3. Why did “Breaking Bad” never go to culinary school? Because they already knew how to cook!
  4. What does “The Office” say at a job interview? “I’ve been Paper Salesman of the Month 9 times!”
  5. Why doesn’t Sherlock Holmes watch TV? Because it’s elementary, my dear Watson.
  6. Why does the “Game of Thrones” series need a GPS? Because it lost the plot.
  7. Why did “The Walking Dead” cross the road? They heard there was a brain on the other side.
  8. What’s the most common surgery in “Grey’s Anatomy”? The plot-ectomy.
  9. Why is “Seinfeld” like a writing desk? They both have a lot of comedian ink.
  10. Why did “Stranger Things” start a rock band? They heard the upside down had great acoustics.
  11. Why does “Downton Abbey” avoid elevators? They prefer the upstairs.
  12. What did “The Big Bang Theory” say to Physics? You don’t have to be Einstein to figure this out!
  13. What’s “The Crown’s” favorite board game? King me!
  14. Why does “The Simpsons” always win at bingo? They always “D’oh” where the numbers are!
  15. How does “Doctor Who” organize a party? They planet.
  16. What did “House of Cards” say to “Game of Thrones”? It’s all fun and games until someone loses a throne!
  17. What’s “Orange is the New Black’s” favorite fruit? Obviously not apples.
  18. What’s “Mad Men’s” secret to success? Good advertising…and a lot of whiskey.
  19. Why is “The Mandalorian” a terrible babysitter? He always loses the child.
  20. Why doesn’t “Breaking Bad” ever get a cold? Because they always have a lot of crystal-clear meth-ods.
  21. Why did the “Friends” cast start a bakery? They needed more dough!
  22. Why was “The Wire” so tense? It was always on the edge.
  23. Why doesn’t “Westworld” ever get lost? They’re always on the right path.
  24. What does “Better Call Saul” use to fix a leak? Legal tape.
  25. Why did “Parks and Recreation” get into politics? They wanted to run the swing states!
  26. Why does “Narcos” never win at poker? They always deal badly.
  27. What’s “BoJack Horseman’s” favorite exercise? The gallop poll.
  28. Why was “The Twilight Zone” always late? It had a different concept of time.
  29. Why does “The Witcher” always win at cards? Because he’s always got a monster hand.
  30. Why doesn’t “Dexter” like playing hide and seek? He always finds everyone too quickly.
  31. What do “The X-Files” and a math test have in common? They both have a lot of problems to solve.
  32. Why doesn’t “The Sopranos” sing at karaoke? They’re used to conducting business behind closed doors.
  33. What do “Fargo” and a cold winter night have in common? They’re both chilling!
  34. Why is “Vikings” bad at hide and seek? They always raid the wrong houses.
  35. What do “Twin Peaks” and a mountain climbing trip have in common? They both have you on edge!
  36. What’s “Suits'” favorite card game? Poker, they love bluffing.
  37. What’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” favorite sport? Stake-boarding.
  38. Why do “The Handmaid’s Tale” characters make terrible comedians? They never crack a smile!
  39. What’s the most confusing part of “Lost”? Finding the remote control!
  40. Why did “Star Trek” visit a tailor? They wanted to fix the space-time fabric.
  41. How do you know “Breaking Bad” has a sweet tooth? It’s always cooking crystal!
  42. What do you call “Sherlock” on vacation? A rest-ed detective.
  43. What’s “Peaky Blinders'” favorite vision test? A blind spot check!
  44. Why did “Modern Family” get a dog? They needed more characters!
  45. How does “Money Heist” pay for dinner? In unmarked bills.
  46. Why did “True Detective” become a gardener? They love digging up dirt!
  47. Why don’t “Game of Thrones” characters play board games? They hate losing kings!
  48. How does “Doctor Who” keep time? They have a timeless watch!
  49. Why doesn’t “The Big Bang Theory” like black holes? They suck all the fun out of the room.
  50. Why did “The Walking Dead” go to a spa? They wanted a brain massage!
  51. What does “The Office” do when they’re bored? They start a paper airplane contest!
  52. What’s “Better Call Saul’s” favorite drink? A legal brief.
  53. How does “Narcos” like their coffee? With a splash of criminal creamer.
  54. Why did “Stranger Things” open a bakery? They heard the upside-down cake was a hit.
  55. What’s “Black Mirror’s” favorite nursery rhyme? Ring around the rosy, pockets full of post-apocalyptic fear.
  56. Why does “The Mandalorian” never play poker? He’s got a terrible poker face (helmet).
  57. Why was “Friends” afraid of commitment? They were always on a break!
  58. Why does “The Crown” never do laundry? They don’t want to abdicate their throne!
  59. Why is “Doctor Who” the worst at hide-and-seek? They always leave their TARDIS behind.
  60. How does “Westworld” create the perfect vacation? They have an android for that!
  61. Why was “The Wire” so dramatic? It was always strung out.
  62. What’s “Vikings'” favorite game? Raid the pantry!
  63. Why did “The X-Files” join a rock band? They wanted to rock the conspiracy theories.
  64. What’s “BoJack Horseman’s” favorite music? Anything with a good horse beat.
  65. Why did “Breaking Bad” get a day job? They were done cooking.
  66. Why doesn’t “Sherlock” play the lottery? The odds are never a mystery.
  67. Why did “The Office” throw a party? They had too many leftover staplers!
  68. What do “Mad Men” and a bar have in common? They’re always mixing things up.
  69. How does “Game of Thrones” handle stress? With a game of chairs.
  70. Why did “The Big Bang Theory” start a gym? They were done with theoretical physics.
  71. Why does “Dexter” love Halloween? He can let his true self out!
  72. Why doesn’t “Narcos” play card games? They’re always dealing.
  73. How does “The Handmaid’s Tale” write letters? With a dystopian pen.
  74. Why does “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” hate Valentine’s Day? Too many stakes to the heart.
  75. What’s “Fargo’s” favorite game? Cold case files.
  76. Why did “Lost” start a travel agency? They’re used to being lost.
  77. What does “House of Cards” build in their free time? Political sandcastles.
  78. Why does “Grey’s Anatomy” hate chess? Too many pawn fractures.
  79. What do “Suits” and a poker game have in common? They both involve bluffing.
  80. Why doesn’t “Star Trek” need a GPS? They always trek the right path.
  81. Why is “The Witcher” a bad musician? He always slays the notes.
  82. What’s “The Sopranos'” favorite type of pasta? Anything you can’t refuse!
  83. Why did “Modern Family” start a zoo? They wanted more diversity!
  84. How does “Peaky Blinders” enjoy their vacation? With a blindfold.
  85. Why did “Money Heist” start a bank? They were tired of stealing!
  86. How does “The Mandalorian” relax after a long day? By helmet polishing.
  87. Why is “Stranger Things” the worst at baking? They always turn the oven Upside Down.
  88. Why did “The Office” join a soccer team? They’ve got plenty of field reports.
  89. How does “The Walking Dead” like their steak? Well-done… like their brain.
  90. What does “Sherlock” do on his day off? Clue Crosswords.
  91. Why is “Friends” bad at keeping secrets? Because they’ll spill it at Central Perk!
  92. What’s “Breaking Bad’s” favorite dish to cook? Methloaf.
  93. How does “Westworld” greet their friends? With a hard-wired smile.
  94. Why does “Game of Thrones” hate winter? Because they can’t play their game of chairs.
  95. Why did “The Big Bang Theory” start a choir? They wanted to harmonize their theories.
  96. Why did “Dexter” join a theater club? He loves the sight of fake blood.
  97. Why does “Doctor Who” hate calendars? They’re always time-traveling!
  98. Why did “The Crown” start a landscaping business? They have a green thumb for thrones.
  99. Why does “Seinfeld” love open mic nights? They’ve got stand-up down to an art.
  100. What’s “The Handmaid’s Tale’s” favorite puzzle? A dystopian crossword.
  101. Why did “Lost” start a navigation app? They’re good at being lost!
  102. Why does “The Simpsons” never run out of jokes? Because Homer always forgets the punchline.
  103. Why does “Better Call Saul” make a good bartender? He knows how to mix a legal cocktail.
  104. What do “Grey’s Anatomy” and a yoga class have in common? They both involve a lot of stretching.
  105. Why did “House of Cards” join a poker game? They love a good bluff.
  106. Why doesn’t “Suits” play chess? They’re always too busy checking their moves.
  107. What’s “The Sopranos'” favorite Italian dish? Bada Bing Cherry Pie.
  108. Why did “Star Trek” start a travel agency? They love exploring new frontiers.
  109. How does “The Mandalorian” handle rough situations? With a cool head (helmet).
  110. Why doesn’t “The Witcher” play card games? He’s too busy dealing with monsters.
  111. What do “Mad Men” and a mixed cocktail have in common? They’re both shaken and stirred.
  112. How does “Fargo” handle cold weather? With a chilling storyline.
  113. Why did “Downton Abbey” join a history club? They love a good flashback.
  114. What does “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” do on her day off? Stake-outs at the local steakhouse.
  115. Why is “Modern Family” bad at monopoly? They always end up in family feuds.
  116. Why does “Narcos” always win at poker? They’re excellent at bluffing.
  117. How does “Game of Thrones” handle disappointment? They take it one throne at a time.
  118. Why did “The Handmaid’s Tale” join a book club? They love a dystopian narrative.
  119. What’s “Peaky Blinders'” favorite movie? “Blindsided.”
  120. Why is “Money Heist” bad at managing finances? They’re too used to stealing!
  121. How does “Breaking Bad” prefer their breakfast? Sunny side meth.
  122. Why doesn’t “Friends” play card games? They always end up on a break!
  123. What’s “Grey’s Anatomy’s” favorite workout? Cardio…logy.
  124. Why did “Lost” start a map business? They know all about getting lost!
  125. How does “The Mandalorian” celebrate birthdays? With a blast from the past.
  126. Why is “Sherlock” bad at poker? He always reveals his hand.
  127. What’s “The Big Bang Theory’s” favorite dance? The Quantum Shuffle.
  128. Why did “House of Cards” start a construction company? They’re great at building tension.
  129. Why doesn’t “Suits” enjoy picnics? They hate being served cold.
  130. How does “Doctor Who” deal with a flat tire? They time-travel to before it happened.
  131. Why is “The Crown” bad at chess? They’re too attached to their queen.
  132. How does “Game of Thrones” like their coffee? With a side of dragon fire.
  133. Why did “Star Trek” start a travel blog? They wanted to share their trekking adventures.
  134. Why did “The Office” start a fire safety course? Too many burnt popcorn incidents!
  135. What’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” favorite food? Steak, of course!
  136. What’s “BoJack Horseman’s” favorite movie? “The Dark Horse.”
  137. Why did “Grey’s Anatomy” join a dance competition? They’ve got the moves, no bones about it.
  138. Why did “Modern Family” start a circus? They were tired of all the clowns at home.
  139. How does “Narcos” take their coffee? Colombian, with a shot of danger.
  140. What’s “Dexter’s” favorite drink? Bloody Mary.
  141. Why did “Lost” start a courier service? They’re used to delivering suspense!
  142. How does “The Mandalorian” enjoy a day at the beach? With a helmet full of sand.
  143. What do “Breaking Bad” and a candy shop have in common? They’re both known for their crystal treats.
  144. Why did “Doctor Who” join a clockmaker’s guild? They wanted to master time!
  145. Why did “Peaky Blinders” join a wine tasting club? They enjoy the blind tasting!
  146. What’s “Better Call Saul’s” favorite hobby? Legal eagle watching.
  147. Why did “Money Heist” start an art class? They wanted to perfect the art of stealing.


We hope these TV show jokes brought a smile to your face and brightened your day with their comedic brilliance. From the iconic characters of “Friends” to the mind-bending mysteries of “Lost” and the witty banter of “The Office,” these jokes remind us of the joy and laughter that our favorite TV shows bring into our lives.

So the next time you’re in need of a good laugh, remember these jokes and share them with your friends and family. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and these TV show jokes are just what the doctor ordered!

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