119 Disney Jokes

Welcome to the magical world of Disney where laughter and joy reign supreme! Disney characters bring enchanting tales to life, and what’s even more magical? The whimsical humor found in their stories.

From the heartwarming adventures of Cinderella to the daring escapades of Aladdin, Disney jokes add a sprinkle of fun to these beloved characters. Get ready to embark on a laughter-filled journey as we dive into an array of rib-tickling Disney-themed jokes that will make you chuckle and reminisce about these timeless tales.

Disney Jokes

Top 119 Disney Jokes:

  1. Why didn’t Cinderella play football? Because she always runs away from the ball!
Disney Joke 1
Disney Joke 1
  1. Why was Tigger looking in the toilet? He was trying to find Pooh!
Disney Joke 2
Disney Joke 2
  1. What did Snow White say to the photo printer? Some day my prints will come!
Disney Joke 3
Disney Joke 3
  1. Why does Peter Pan always fly? Because he Never Lands!
Disney Joke 4
Disney Joke 4
  1. Why couldn’t Elsa hold onto her balloon? Because she had to “let it go”!
Disney Joke 5
Disney Joke 5
  1. What did the Genie say to the lamp? You light up my world!
Disney Joke 6
Disney Joke 6
  1. Why does Ariel wear seashells? Because B-shells are too small and D-shells are too big!
Disney Joke 7
Disney Joke 7
  1. Why did Simba’s teacher give him an F? He was caught “lion” on his test!
Disney Joke 8
Disney Joke 8
  1. What’s Captain Hook’s worst nightmare? Tick-tock!
Disney Joke 9
Disney Joke 9
  1. Why didn’t Buzz Lightyear drink his tea? It was a little too Woody!
Disney Joke 10
Disney Joke 10
  1. Why does Mulan never make a bet? She doesn’t want to “Mushu” the money!
  2. Why did the seven dwarfs go to school? To get a little knowledge!
  3. What’s Mickey’s favorite treat? Mice cream!
  4. What is Tarzan’s favorite Christmas song? Jungle bells!
  5. What do you call a dog that lives in Disneyland? A “Pluto”nian!
  6. Why did Aladdin take Jasmine to a cheese factory? Because she loves a gouda adventure!
  7. Why does Sleeping Beauty love tennis? She can’t resist a good serve!
  8. How does Pocahontas like her steak? Just around the ribeye!
  9. What’s Donald Duck’s favorite snack? Quackers!
  10. Why does Belle always have a clean house? Because she knows it’s all about the “broom” service!
  11. Why did Elsa get a smartphone? To break the ice!
  12. Why was the Mad Hatter mad? Because he had too many cups of tea!
  13. What’s Gaston’s favorite exercise? The flex and “Belle”!
  14. Why did Mike Wazowski get in trouble at school? He couldn’t keep his eye on his work!
  15. How do the Aristocats like their tuna? Purr-fectly cooked!
  16. How does Rapunzel organize a party? She lets her hair down!
  17. What do you call Mickey Mouse when he’s been knighted? Sir Mice-a-lot!
  18. Why did Scar lose at checkers? He made a rook-mistake!
  19. Why was the Little Mermaid a bad secret-keeper? Because she could never “clam” up!
  20. Why was Winnie the Pooh so calm? Because he always “bear”ed it all!
  21. How does Olaf measure his height? In snow inches!
  22. Why doesn’t Cinderella use the internet? Too many “Web-Step” mothers!
  23. Why did Dumbo stop playing hide and seek? Because he could never hide his ears!
  24. What’s Ariel’s favorite meal? Sand-witches!
  25. Why did Goofy bring a ladder to the bar? He wanted to reach for the stars!
  26. Why can’t Simba play hide and seek? Because he’s always spotted!
  27. How does Jack Skellington take his coffee? Dark and decaffein-skeleton!
  28. Why does Tinkerbell use Pixie Dust? She needs a little magic in her life!
  29. What’s Beast’s favorite exercise? Beast-curls!
  30. What is Ursula’s favorite hobby? Squidding around!
  31. How does Hercules win every wrestling match? He always gives it his myth-all!
  32. Why is it hard to trust Scar? He’s always “lion”!
  33. Why did Cinderella get kicked off the baseball team? She always ran away from the ball!
  34. How does Mickey feel when Minnie is angry? Mice-erable!
  35. Why did Aladdin go to the bakery? He needed a “genie-us” dessert!
  36. Why did Woody give Bullseye some hay? He was a little horse!
  37. What is Mulan’s favorite flower? Sword-lilies!
  38. Why did Dory join the choir? She’s great at scales!
  39. What is Lightning McQueen’s favorite kind of music? Car-ntry!
  40. Why did Gaston refuse to play chess? He lost his Belle in a match!
  41. What did Mickey say when he started losing at chess? “Check-mouse!”
  42. How does Elsa like her eggs? Frozen!
  43. Why did Peter Pan refuse to grow up? He wasn’t Neverland ready!
  44. Why is Moana a great friend? She always waves hello!
  45. Why does Ariel enjoy jokes? She loves to sea people laugh!
  46. How does Maleficent send her letters? By “Raven” mail!
  47. Why does Olaf read the news daily? He likes to stay “cool”!
  48. What does Buzz Lightyear use to keep his pants up? His asteroid belt!
  49. How does the Beast like his steak? Beastly well-done!
  50. Why doesn’t Snow White trust apples? She has food poisoning history!
  51. Why did Pumbaa start a gardening business? He loves rooting around!
  52. Why did Nemo become a detective? He loves solving “fin”teresting cases!
  53. How does Tiana find the time to cook? She’s always hopping to it!
  54. What did Aurora say when she first tried coffee? It was a “briar” brew!
  55. Why did Gaston start a yoga class? He loves to “flex” his muscles!
  56. Why did Mulan go to the hairdresser? To get a warrior’s bob!
  57. Why did Rapunzel become a librarian? She always gets “tangled” in a good book!
  58. What’s Donald Duck’s favorite dance? The “duck” and dive!
  59. Why did Cinderella go to the psychiatrist? She felt her life was in “shambles”!
  60. Why doesn’t Winnie the Pooh ever get lost? He always follows the honey!
  61. Why did Mickey become an astronaut? He wanted to visit Pluto!
  62. Why did Simba join the choir? He loved to hit the “lion” notes!
  63. What’s Elsa’s favorite party game? Freeze tag!
  64. Why is Pocahontas a good diplomat? She knows how to “branch” out!
  65. Why did Ariel start a band? She had the best “musi-clam”!
  66. What’s Aladdin’s favorite sport? Magic “carpet” ball!
  67. Why was Baloo always relaxed? He knew the “bear” necessities of life!
  68. Why did Belle open a library? She thought everyone should have a “beauty” read!
  69. How did Rapunzel show she was excited? She let her hair down!
  70. Why did Olaf start a comedy club? He loved “cool” jokes!
  71. Why did Tiana make a website? She wanted to hop into the digital world!
  72. Why does Buzz Lightyear always carry a map? He loves “to infinity and beyond”!
  73. Why did Arielgo to school? She wanted to improve her “Algaebra”!
  74. What is Elsa’s favorite science subject? Ice-ology!
  75. Why did Dumbo go to therapy? He felt he was always “elephant” in the room!
  76. Why did Goofy take a cooking class? He wanted to perfect his “goof” cuisine!
  77. Why did Woody go to a music concert? He was “pulled” towards the string section!
  78. Why did Donald Duck bring an umbrella? It was “ducking” down with rain!
  79. Why did Mulan go to art school? She wanted to “draw” a sword!
  80. What’s Captain Hook’s favorite shop? The second “hand” store!
  81. Why does Belle always know the forecast? She keeps up with the “beastly” weather!
  82. Why did Aladdin go to the theater? He loved “lamp” light dramas!
  83. Why did Cinderella never become a chef? She always lost her “pumpkin” pies!
  84. Why did Rapunzel never lose at poker? She always knew when to let her hair down!
  85. What is Simba’s favorite day of the week? “Pride”-day!
  86. Why did Buzz Lightyear join the circus? He wanted to fly “to infinity and the trapeze”!
  87. Why did Tarzan stop playing cards in the jungle? Because of all the cheetahs!
  88. Why was Tiana the best at baseball? She always “frog” home runs!
  89. Why didn’t Ariel play hide and seek with her friends? Because they always found her under the sea!
  90. What’s Gaston’s least favorite song? “No one fights like Gaston!”
  91. Why did Olaf make a great detective? He always stayed “cool” under pressure!
  92. What’s Snow White’s favorite part of a joke? The punch “apple”!
  93. Why did Mickey Mouse become a sailor? He wanted to go to “sea”!
  94. What did Elsa say when she couldn’t find her sister? “Where’s Anna-bout?”
  95. Why did the Mad Hatter become a golfer? He loves “tea” time!
  96. What’s Scar’s favorite game? “Lion” around the board!
  97. Why did Pocahontas go to the music festival? She likes the “tribal” beat!
  98. Why did Peter Pan become a gardener? He loves “plant-dust”!
  99. Why does Ariel always know what’s happening? She has her “ears” to the sea!
  100. Why did Tigger start bouncing less? He wanted to have more “spring” in his step!
  101. Why did Cinderella get a cat? She wanted a “fur”-godmother!
  102. How did Hercules get to the top of the mountain? He took the “myth”-way!
  103. Why did Minnie Mouse become a baker? She loved making “Minnie”-ature pastries!
  104. What did the Magic Carpet say to Aladdin? “Rug-glad to meet you!”
  105. Why did Dumbo join the orchestra? He had an “ear” for music!
  106. What’s Olaf’s favorite place to visit? The freezer section!
  107. What did the Fairy Godmother say to the pumpkin? “You look ‘gourd’geous!”
  108. Why was the Beast so good at soccer? He always had a “beastly” kick!
  109. Why did Peter Pan love geometry? He was good at “Never-angles”!


In the world of Disney, laughter and merriment are essential ingredients, just like pixie dust that sprinkles magic into every story. Through these whimsical jokes, we’ve rekindled the charm and joy associated with beloved Disney characters.

From the mischievous escapades of characters like Tigger and Genie to the heartwarming tales of friendship and courage, these jokes have woven a tapestry of humor that brings a smile to our faces.

Remember, in this magical kingdom, the laughter never fades, and these jokes are just a small glimpse into the everlasting charm of Disney’s world of mirth and wonder!

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