150 Yellow Puns

Yellow is more than just a color; it’s a vibrant hue that brings warmth, happiness, and a zest for life. In the world of puns and humor, the color yellow has sparked a myriad of playful and entertaining jokes.

From sunny-side-up quips to lemony punchlines, the spectrum of yellow-themed humor is as diverse as the shades it represents. Get ready to immerse yourself in a collection of puns that illuminate the wit and humor revolving around all things yellow.

Yellow Puns

Top 150 Yellow Puns:

  1. What’s a pencil’s favorite color? Yell-ow, because it’s always drawing attention.
Yellow Pun 1
Yellow Pun 1
  1. Why was the lemon always a star? Because it had appeal!
Yellow Pun 2
Yellow Pun 2
  1. What does the sun say when it rises? Yellow, there!
Yellow Pun 3
Yellow Pun 3
  1. How does a banana answer the phone? Yellow, this is banana speaking!
Yellow Pun 4
Yellow Pun 4
  1. Why was the sunflower a good listener? It was all ears of corn.
Yellow Pun 5
Yellow Pun 5
  1. Why was the yellow paint so smart? Because it had the bright ideas.
Yellow Pun 6
Yellow Pun 6
  1. What’s a yellow spot’s favorite dance? The polka-dot.
Yellow Pun 7
Yellow Pun 7
  1. Why was the yellow car so eco-friendly? It always stopped at the green light.
Yellow Pun 8
Yellow Pun 8
  1. Why was the sun such a good teacher? It always brought light to the subject.
Yellow Pun 9
Yellow Pun 9
  1. What’s a yellow traffic light’s favorite band? The Rolling St-amber.
Yellow Pun 10
Yellow Pun 10
  1. Why did the lemon go to the party? Because it was a zesty occasion.
  2. What’s a sunflower’s favorite pop song? “You Light Up My Life.”
  3. How do sunflowers cheer for their team? They root for them!
  4. Why did the taxi break up with its girlfriend? Because she was always driving it yellow.
  5. How does a daffodil propose? It says, “Will you merrygold me?”
  6. Why are bananas never lonely? Because they hang around in bunches.
  7. What do you call a yellow fruit that sings? Elton Lemon.
  8. Why did the lemon fail the exam? It didn’t zestudy enough.
  9. Why did the yellow car get a ticket? It broke the speed lemon.
  10. What do you call a sunflower in a suit? Dapper-dil.
  11. Why was the sun so humbling? It always set aside its pride.
  12. How does the moon stay warm? It uses sunbeam.
  13. What’s the sun’s favorite chewing gum? Eclipse.
  14. Why did the corn get all the awards? Because it was a-maize-ing.
  15. Why did the yellow light bulb get an award? It had a bright future.
  16. How did the sun show up to the party? It dawned a new look.
  17. What’s a sunflower’s favorite rap song? Sowz it like that!
  18. Why did the canary get the job? It was the tweetest applicant.
  19. Why was the yellow rose so brave? It was petal to the metal.
  20. What do you call a yellow ship that’s very neat? Tidy-tanic.
  21. Why did the sun go to school? To get a little brighter!
  22. What’s a cornstalk’s favorite magic spell? Abra-cob-dabra!
  23. What’s a light bulb’s favorite day of the week? Sunday.
  24. What did the yellow tulip say to the sun? Light me up!
  25. How do sunflowers party? They turn up the beet.
  26. What’s a banana’s favorite song? Peel Good Inc.
  27. How does the sun say goodbye? It waves at dusk!
  28. What do you call a polite fruit? A manner-na!
  29. What do you call a small sunflower? A sunfleurette.
  30. Why did the corn join the music band? Because it had the ears for it.
  31. How does the sun report bad news? It sets it gently.
  32. What’s a sunflower’s favorite movie? Bloom Raider.
  33. What do you call a really cool lemon? A lemon-aid.
  34. Why was the sunflower always lost? It couldn’t find its bud.
  35. Why do lemons never get lost? They always keep zest of where they are.
  36. How do you catch a squirrel? Climb a tree and act like a nut!
  37. How did the sun show off? It flashed its rays.
  38. Why was the yellow submarine so popular? It had deep fans.
  39. What’s a sun’s favorite dessert? Sundae.
  40. How does a sunflower ask someone out? “Wanna go photosynth-a-date?”
  41. What’s a lemon’s favorite exercise? The lemon-squeeze.
  42. Why did the sunflower become a gardener? It wanted to grow with the flow.
  43. Why was the banana so smooth? It always peeled off perfectly.
  44. Why did the sun never hide? It didn’t want to leave anyone in the dark.
  45. How do sunflowers tell time? With a sun-dial!
  46. Why was the yellow star so humble? It never asked for any space.
  47. What did the sun say to the moon? You light up my night.
  48. What’s a lemon’s favorite dance? The lemon twist.
  49. Why are daffodils so reliable? They’re always springing up.
  50. What did the corn say to the popcorn? You crack me up.
  51. What’s a sunflower’s favorite game? Petal to the metal.
  52. Why did the yellow tulip never give up? It always kept pushing up daisies.
  53. What do you call an anxious lemon? A lemon-tick.
  54. Why was the yellow shirt so popular? Because it was always in highlight.
  55. How do sunflowers apologize? They say, “I’m pollen-tly sorry!”
  56. What do you call a fruit that can’t marry? A cant-elope.
  57. How does a sunflower travel? On a seed-ship.
  58. Why was the sunflower a great comedian? Because it always crackled with laughter.
  59. What do you call a sunflower that’s good at drawing? Van Gogh’s sunflower.
  60. What’s a sun’s favorite type of bread? Sunflower seed bread.
  61. Why was the banana a great comedian? It always had appealing jokes.
  62. What’s a sunflower’s favorite novel? “Pride and Photosynthesis.”
  63. How does the sun ask for coffee? “Make it light and sweet.”
  64. Why did the sun go to therapy? It had too many flare-ups.
  65. Why did the banana go to the doctor? It wasn’t peeling well.
  66. What’s a sunflower’s favorite band? The Beetles.
  67. Why was the sunflower always happy? It had sunny disposition.
  68. Why was the sun such a gossip? It always spilled the beans on everyone.
  69. What’s a lemon’s favorite type of music? Sour-ound sound.
  70. What’s a sunflower’s favorite place to visit? Stalk-holm.
  71. Why was the yellow flag always the center of attention? It always flagged down the spotlight.
  72. What’s a banana’s favorite type of joke? Peelarious ones!
  73. Why did the corn go to the party? To have an ear-resistible time!
  74. Why was the sunflower a great detective? It was good at rooting out the truth.
  75. Why do lemons make good detectives? They always get the zest of the story.
  76. Why was the sun such a bad secret-keeper? It always spilled the rays.
  77. What did the sun say to the solar system? You revolve around me!
  78. What’s a sunflower’s favorite pastime? Basking in the sun.
  79. Why did the corn make a great comedian? It was always popping jokes.
  80. Why did the banana go to the hair salon? It needed a new peel.
  81. How does the sun welcome its guests? It gives them a warm reception.
  82. Why did the lemon win the race? It was always zest to the finish line.
  83. What’s a sunflower’s favorite breakfast? Sunny-side-up eggs.
  84. Why was the sunflower always on time? It always followed the sun.
  85. What do you call a talkative fruit? A blab-anana.
  86. How does a sunflower sign its letters? With love and pollen.
  87. Why did the sunflower become a politician? It wanted to get to the root of the issues.
  88. Why was the sunflower a good friend? It always lent an ear.
  89. Why was the banana a good storyteller? It always had the listeners peeled.
  90. What’s a sun’s favorite sport? Sun Volleyball.
  91. Why did the corn win the award? It was outstanding in its field.
  92. Why did the sunflower make a good journalist? It always got to the kernel of the truth.
  93. What’s a sun’s favorite song? “Don’t let the sun go down on me.”
  94. Why was the yellow car a bad driver? It couldn’t handle the brakes.
  95. What’s a sunflower’s favorite candy? Sunflower seeds.
  96. How does the sun cut its hair? It eclipses it!
  97. Why was the sun a good cook? It always had a bright recipe.
  98. How did the sunflower feel when it lost its wallet? It was de-flowered.
  99. Why was the sunflower always late? It kept pushing up daisies.
  100. Why did the banana go to the bank? It wanted to peel out some money.
  101. How does a banana apologize? It peels sorry.
  102. What do you call a sun that tells jokes? A comedian.
  103. Why did the sun go to the dentist? To get a fill-light.
  104. How do bananas flirt? They wink and say, “I find you appealing.”
  105. What’s a sunflower’s favorite season? Summer, of course!
  106. Why was the sunflower the best at hide and seek? It always played in the field.
  107. Why did the sun go to therapy? It felt a little light-headed.
  108. Why did the cornstalk become a singer? It had the ears for it.
  109. What’s a sun’s favorite hot drink? Sun-tea.
  110. Why did the sunflower make a good coach? It was always rooting for its team.
  111. What’s a sunflower’s favorite scary movie? “Petals from the Crypt.”
  112. Why was the sun always invited to parties? It was the light of the party.
  113. Why did the banana get a promotion? It had a peel for business.
  114. What’s a sunflower’s favorite cartoon? SpongeBob SquarePetals.
  115. Why was the sun a great athlete? It always had a sunny disposition.
  116. How does a sunflower show gratitude? It gives a bunch of sun-kissed hugs.
  117. Why was the sunflower a good lawyer? It had an unbeatable argument.
  118. What do you call a sunflower that can play the piano? A sunflower maestro.
  119. What’s a sunflower’s favorite city? Sunnyvale.
  120. How does a sun say goodbye? It sets off.
  121. What’s a sunflower’s favorite romantic movie? “A Walk to Remember – The Petals.”
  122. Why did the banana get a parking ticket? It was peeling out too fast.
  123. What’s a sunflower’s favorite type of sandwich? A sub-flower sandwich.
  124. How do sunflowers relax? They bask in the glow.
  125. Why was the sunflower a good actor? It always stole the show.
  126. How does a sunflower pay for its meal? With sunflower seeds!
  127. What’s a sunflower’s favorite fairy tale? “Goldilocks and the Three Petals.”
  128. Why was the sun such a good athlete? It was always shining in the field.
  129. Why was the banana a good basketball player? It had a good peel to the hoop.
  130. What do you call a sunflower that’s fast? A speedy seed!
  131. How did the sun ask the moon out? “Would you eclipse with me?”
  132. Why was the sunflower a good painter? It had a natural palette.
  133. What’s a sunflower’s favorite exercise? The sun salutation.
  134. Why did the sunflower become a reporter? It wanted to seed the truth.
  135. Why was the banana so romantic? It had a peel for love.
  136. What’s a sunflower’s favorite game show? “Wheel of Petals.”
  137. How did the sun like its eggs? Sunnyside up!
  138. Why was the sunflower a good musician? It had a natural rhythm.
  139. Why did the sunflower join the gym? To keep its stem fit.
  140. Why did the sunflower love the beach? It was always soaking up the sun.


Yellow-themed puns add a ray of sunshine to our days, offering a delightful way to brighten any conversation. They’re as versatile as the color itself, ranging from the tangy zest of lemons to the sunny disposition of sunflowers. Just as yellow stands out in the spectrum of colors, these puns stand out in the world of humor, infusing laughter and joy into our lives.

So, whether you’re feeling a bit “corny” or searching for a “peeling” of laughter, these yellow puns are sure to light up any moment with their playful brilliance. Embrace the sunny side of humor and spread the radiance of these jokes to brighten someone’s day!

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