74 Taco Bell Jokes

Taco Bell, the fast-food giant known for its Mexican-inspired cuisine, has not only filled our bellies with delicious meals but also tickled our funny bones with a plethora of tongue-in-cheek jokes and puns.

From cheesy punchlines to saucy humor, these jokes have become a staple part of the Taco Bell experience. In this exploration, we’ll dive into the world of Taco Bell jokes, where the ingredients of humor are as diverse as the menu itself. So, let’s embark on this hilarious journey through the playful and punny world of Taco Bell humor.

Taco Bell Jokes

Top 74 Taco Bell Jokes:

  1. Why don’t they play hide and seek at Taco Bell? Because good luck hiding when the tacos are calling your name!
  2. What’s a ghost’s favorite Taco Bell order? Boo-rritos!
  3. Why don’t they serve tacos for breakfast at Taco Bell? They don’t want to shell out too early!
  4. Why did the tomato turn red at Taco Bell? Because it saw the salad dressing!
  5. How do you know if you’re at a Taco Bell wedding? When “Till death do us part” is replaced by “Till diarrhea do us part.”
  6. Why was the Crunchwrap Supreme so good at baseball? It always hits a home run!
  7. Why was the Taco Bell employee late for work? Because they got caught in a wrap!
  8. What’s the difference between a book and a Taco Bell burrito? You can’t judge a burrito by its cover!
  9. Why was the taco a good musician? It had the right crunch!
  10. What did the Taco Bell churro say to the cinnamon twist? “I’m sweeter than you!”
  11. Why did the tortilla chip go to Taco Bell? It wanted to feel a bit more saucy!
  12. What does a cat at Taco Bell order? Mice-cream!
  13. Why did the hot sauce packet go to school? To ketchup on its studies!
  14. What did the Doritos Locos Tacos say to the Chalupa? “I’m crunchier than you!”
  15. What do you call a magic taco? A Ta-cadabra!
  16. What’s the most philosophical item at Taco Bell? The quesadilla, because it always makes you ques-tion reality!
  17. Why did the taco break up with the burrito? It couldn’t handle the beans!
  18. What do you call a cat that eats at Taco Bell? A purr-ito!
  19. How do you organize a space party at Taco Bell? You planet with a Star Crunchwrap!
  20. Why did the nachos go to therapy? They had too many layers of issues!
  21. What does a dog at Taco Bell order? A pup-rito!
  22. Why was the Quesarito so good at math? Because it’s all about the right angle!
  23. What did the burrito say to the taco? “I’m more wrapped up in this than you!”
  24. Why was the taco a good detective? It always had the inside scoop!
  25. Why did the Fire Sauce break up with the Mild Sauce? It wanted more spice in its life!
  26. What do you call a Taco Bell with a wifi connection? A hot spot!
  27. What’s a secret agent’s favorite Taco Bell item? The spy-cey potato!
  28. Why did the nacho cheese go to Taco Bell? To find its better half, the tortilla chip!
  29. What did the taco say to the burrito at the border? “I’m nacho type!”
  30. Why do the tacos at Taco Bell never get lost? Because they always taco ’bout where they’re going!
  31. What do you call an explosive Taco Bell meal? Dyna-mex!
  32. What did the guacamole say to the tortilla chip? “You complete me!”
  33. Why was the Taco Bell burrito good at yoga? It knew how to wrap itself into a pretzel!
  34. What do you call a Taco Bell on Halloween? A ghost-rito house!
  35. How does the salsa at Taco Bell get its homework done? It uses Google “Pepper!”
  36. Why don’t the tacos at Taco Bell play poker? They’re afraid of the salsa’s poker chip!
  37. Why do aliens love Taco Bell? They’re looking for unidentified frying objects!
  38. What’s a vampire’s favorite Taco Bell menu item? Bats-adillas!
  39. What’s a shark’s favorite Taco Bell dish? Fish tacos, fin down!
  40. Why did the tortilla go to the gym? It wanted to get ripped!
  41. What do you call a slow Taco Bell worker? A pokey quesadilla!
  42. Why do seagulls fly over Taco Bell? Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels!
  43. Why was the Crunchwrap Supreme feeling down? It couldn’t handle the pressure!
  44. Why did the burrito bring a blanket to the movie? It liked to stay wrapped up in the plot!
  45. What’s a snowman’s favorite Taco Bell meal? The Chilly Cheese Burrito!
  46. Why did the taco refuse to play cards with the jungle cat? It was afraid of cheetahs!
  47. How does the Chalupa at Taco Bell stay fit? It does crunches every day!
  48. What did the taco say to the guacamole? “You’re avo-control!”
  49. What do you call a Taco Bell meal that took a wrong turn? Misguided salsa!
  50. Why did the burrito take up meditation? It needed to find its inner peas!
  51. What do you call a nervous nacho? Crunch-stressed!
  52. Why did the Taco Bell burrito get promoted? It had all the right fillings!
  53. How does a taco say goodbye? It says, “See you layer!”
  54. What did the hot sauce say to the taco? “I’m on fire!”
  55. Why did the burrito go to the party? It was a wrap party!
  56. What’s a gardener’s favorite Taco Bell dish? The Garden Crunchwrap Supreme!
  57. Why don’t tacos ever get sunburned? They always use plenty of salsa-screen!
  58. Why did the tortilla go to the art museum? It wanted to see the fine wraps!
  59. How does a burrito propose? With an onion ring!
  60. Why was the taco always getting in trouble at school? It wouldn’t stop talking during class!
  61. What do you call a Taco Bell meal on a boat? Ship ‘n dip!
  62. Why did the taco go to the bank? It needed some extra cheese!
  63. What do you call a burrito in winter? A snow wrap!
  64. What did the salsa say to the tortilla chip? “I’m falling for you!”
  65. Why did the burrito get a ticket? It broke the speed slaw!
  66. What did the Chalupa say to the Crunchwrap Supreme? “I’m flatter than you!”
  67. What do you call a Taco Bell on the moon? A lunar luncheon!
  68. Why did the nacho get an award? It had outstanding dip-ness!
  69. What do you call a burrito that’s a comedian? A wrap star!
  70. What do you call a Taco Bell during a thunderstorm? A rain-dip station!
  71. What do you call a Taco Bell in a forest? A tree-taco hut!
  72. Why was the taco a great secretary? It always kept everything wrapped up neatly!
  73. What’s a ghost’s favorite item at Taco Bell? A spook-adilla!
  74. What did the taco say to the burrito on Valentine’s Day? “I’m falling in salsa with you!”


Taco Bell jokes are more than just a side order of laughter; they’re a testament to the enduring appeal of fast food, culture, and humor. With a combination of wit, wordplay, and a dash of spice, these jokes have entertained customers and fans for years, turning a trip to the drive-thru into a whimsical adventure.

From burrito banter to taco tales, the humor that permeates the Taco Bell universe reminds us that even the simplest of pleasures, like enjoying a delicious meal, can be made all the more enjoyable with a sprinkle of laughter. So, the next time you find yourself ordering at Taco Bell, don’t forget to savor the humor alongside your Crunchwrap Supreme – after all, a good laugh is the perfect side dish to any meal.

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