101 Mayonnaise Jokes

Mayonnaise, the creamy and tangy condiment loved by many, has become more than just a sandwich spread or a dressing. It has become a subject of humor, inspiring a collection of mayonnaise jokes that are guaranteed to spread laughter.

From clever puns to light-hearted one-liners, these jokes play on the versatile nature of mayo and its association with food. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the amusing world of mayonnaise humor.

Mayonnaise Jokes

Top 101 Mayonnaise Jokes:

  1. Why don’t eggs ever get into a fight with mayonnaise? Because they don’t want to crack up a good spread!
  2. How do you make a sandwich laugh? Tell it a mayo joke.
  3. What’s mayonnaise’s favorite band? The Beet-les!
  4. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing itself with mayo!
  5. How do you know if a sandwich is a gossip? It spills the mayo!
  6. What did the mayo say to the refrigerator? Close the door, I’m dressing!
  7. Why did the mayonnaise go to the school? It heard there was an egg-ucation!
  8. What do you call a mayo that likes music? A spreadhead!
  9. Why did the slice of bread break up with mayo? It felt things were too spread out.
  10. What does the mayo say to the bread every morning? Let’s roll!
  11. Why is mayonnaise never ready on time? It always likes to spread itself thin.
  12. What’s a ghost’s favorite sandwich topping? BOO-logna and scream cheese, with extra mayo!
  13. How did the sandwich propose to its girlfriend? With an onion ring, while they were laying on a bed of mayo!
  14. Why did the mayonnaise blush? Because it saw the salad dressing!
  15. What do you call mayonnaise that plays the drums? A beat spread!
  16. Why did the sandwich invite mayo to the party? Because it knew mayo would spread the fun.
  17. Why did the mayo go to therapy? It couldn’t deal with being spread so thin!
  18. How does mayo say hello to bread? “Nice to spread you!”
  19. What’s mayonnaise’s favorite dance? The Salsa…but it can’t shake the feeling it’s better suited to a slow waltz.
  20. How does a slice of bread keep its pants up? With a mayo-nnaise belt!
  21. What does a sandwich wear to a formal event? A mayo-tie!
  22. What do you call a sandwich that doesn’t want mayo? A “may-no-naise”!
  23. What did the sandwich say after a long day at work? “I need to de-stress and mayo down for a while.”
  24. Why was the mayo nervous at the party? It was afraid of being spread too thin.
  25. What did the bread say to the bully mayo? Stop spreading rumors!
  26. What do you call a magical mayo? Miracle Whip!
  27. Why didn’t the bread want to break up with the mayo? Because it couldn’t find another spread so smooth.
  28. What’s a light bulb’s favorite spread? May-ohm-naise!
  29. What’s mayo’s favorite movie? Spread it like Beckham!
  30. Why did the piece of bread go to the party? To give them all a toast… and it brought mayo as its plus one!
  31. How did the mayonnaise get into the party? It spread the word.
  32. What’s the mayo’s favorite sport? Spreadminton!
  33. What do you call mayo that’s into goth music? Emayo!
  34. Why is mayo an awful secret keeper? It spreads everything.
  35. Why do sandwiches love mayonnaise so much? It’s egg-cellent at keeping things together.
  36. How do you know mayo is rich? It’s always spreading the wealth.
  37. Why did the mayo cross the road? To spread itself on the other side!
  38. Why did the mayonnaise go to jail? It was charged with assault and batter-y!
  39. How does a sandwich get around? In a mayo-rickshaw!
  40. How does mayo apologize? It butters up the bread first.
  41. What did the sandwich say to the mayo at the dance party? Lettuce romaine in spread formation!
  42. What do you call a mayonnaise who loves drama? A soap op-mayo-ra fan!
  43. Why is mayo bad at math? It always spreads the wrong totals!
  44. What’s mayo’s favorite state? Spreadsylvania!
  45. What’s mayo’s favorite song? “Spread Your Wings” by Queen.
  46. What do you call a musical mayonnaise? Mayo-stro!
  47. Why don’t sandwiches get along with lazy people? They can’t handle the spreadsheets… or the mayo spreads.
  48. Why did the mayo go to art school? It wanted to learn how to spread color!
  49. Why do the sandwich and mayo have a perfect relationship? Because they’re bread for each other.
  50. Why did the bread file a police report? Because the mayo spread some false information.
  51. Why did the turkey sandwich go to the party? It heard the chicken spread would bring mayo.
  52. What’s the laziest condiment? Mayonnaise, it always needs to be spread!
  53. What’s the best time to eat a sandwich with mayo? May-o clock!
  54. Why was the bread scared of hanging out with mayo? It didn’t want to fall into a spread.
  55. What do you call a scared mayonnaise? Mayo-fraid!
  56. What do you call a smarty pants mayonnaise? Mayo-doctorate!
  57. Why did the mayonnaise bring a map to the sandwich party? It didn’t want to get lost in the spread.
  58. What’s mayonnaise’s favorite holiday? Spreadsgiving!
  59. Why did the mayonnaise go to the casino? It wanted to try its hand at the spread table.
  60. What’s the mayonnaise’s favorite book? To Kill a Mocking-bread.
  61. What’s mayonnaise’s favorite city? Mayonnaiseville!
  62. Why did the mayonnaise stay up all night? It was cramming for a spreadsheet exam.
  63. What’s mayonnaise’s favorite sport? Base-spread!
  64. How does mayo enjoy a hot summer day? By spreading out by the pool!
  65. What did the mayonnaise say to the fridge? “You make me cool!”
  66. Why was the mayonnaise on the computer? It was updating its spread-sheets.
  67. Why did the mayonnaise go to the concert? To see its favorite band, The Rolling Scones!
  68. What’s a vampire’s favorite spread? Fang-naise!
  69. What do you call an influential mayo? A spreader of good vibes!
  70. How does the mayonnaise fix a broken sandwich? With a spread-wrench!
  71. Why does the mayo never win at poker? It has a terrible poker spread!
  72. How do you know if a sandwich is a nerd? It brings its own mayo!
  73. What do you call mayo in a hurry? Rush-onnaise!
  74. What do you call a careful mayo? Cautionnaise!
  75. What’s a secret agent’s favorite spread? Spy-onnaise!
  76. What’s a criminal’s favorite condiment? Steal-onnaise!
  77. What do you call a really popular mayo? Trend-onnaise!
  78. What’s a runner’s favorite spread? Jog-onnaise!
  79. What do you call a vain mayo? Preen-onnaise!
  80. What’s a mathematician’s favorite condiment? Sum-onnaise!
  81. What do you call a heroic mayo? Save-onnaise!
  82. What’s a traveler’s favorite spread? Roam-onnaise!
  83. What do you call an elderly mayo? Old-onnaise!
  84. What’s a rock star’s favorite condiment? Jam-onnaise!
  85. What do you call a naughty mayo? Prank-onnaise!
  86. What’s a scientist’s favorite spread? Atom-onnaise!
  87. What do you call a happy mayo? Joy-onnaise!
  88. What’s a gardener’s favorite condiment? Bloom-onnaise!
  89. What do you call a sleepy mayo? Yawn-onnaise!
  90. What’s a baker’s favorite spread? Bun-onnaise!
  91. What do you call a romantic mayo? Love-onnaise!
  92. What’s an astronaut’s favorite condiment? Moon-onnaise!
  93. What do you call a cheeky mayo? Sass-onnaise!
  94. What’s a painter’s favorite spread? Hue-onnaise!
  95. What do you call an ambitious mayo? Aim-onnaise!
  96. What’s a musician’s favorite condiment? Tune-onnaise!
  97. What do you call a festive mayo? Fun-onnaise!
  98. What’s a writer’s favorite spread? Pen-onnaise!
  99. What do you call a mysterious mayo? Unknownnaise!
  100. What’s a doctor’s favorite condiment? Cure-onnaise!
  101. What do you call a mayo that tells good jokes? Pun-onnaise!


In the end, these mayonnaise jokes have surely added a dollop of humor to your day. From cracking up spreads to musical preferences, these puns and one-liners have showcased the light-hearted side of mayo.

Whether you’re a mayo enthusiast or just a lover of good jokes, these humorous twists on the creamy condiment have surely brought a smile to your face. So the next time you reach for that jar of mayonnaise, you might just find yourself chuckling at the thought of these amusing mayo jokes.

Spread the laughter, and remember, when it comes to comedy, mayonnaise is always on the “spread”!

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