100 Hell Jokes

Welcome to the fiery realm of hell, where even the darkest souls find humor amidst eternal torment. In this underworld of diabolical mischief, demons, devils, and all manner of wicked beings dwell.

As they traverse the scorching landscapes, they indulge in wicked wit and devilish humor, crafting jokes that are guaranteed to send a chill down your spine while eliciting a mischievous grin. Brace yourself for a collection of “hell jokes” that will ignite your imagination and leave you laughing in the face of damnation.

Hell Jokes

Here Are Our Picks For The Top 100 Hell Jokes:

  1. Why don’t demons trust each other in hell? Because you can literally see the back-stabbing.
  2. Why do demons never play hide and seek? Because everyone’s always in hot spots.
  3. Why did the demon start his own bakery? Because he kneaded a break from the heat.
  4. How does Satan pay for his coffee? He just burns through his wallet.
  5. Why don’t demons use doorbells? Because they like to raise hell first.
  6. What’s Satan’s favorite piece of clothing? His devil-may-care attitude.
  7. Why is hell considered efficient? Because it has central heating.
  8. Why did the devil go to school? To improve his hell-ucation.
  9. Why did the demon get a job in customer service? Because he enjoys tormenting souls.
  10. Why did the demon fail his driving test? He had a hell of a time parking.
  11. How do demons stay fit? They always do a hell-eva workout.
  12. Why is Hell’s library so well-stocked? Everyone there has an eternity to burn through books.
  13. Why do demons never lie? Because you can always see right through them.
  14. Why is it always party time in Hell? Because it’s lit all the time.
  15. Why did the devil become a gardener? He’s got a real green hell thumb.
  16. What’s the devils’ favorite dish? Hell-o Jello.
  17. Why are there no secrets in Hell? Because it’s an open flame policy.
  18. What’s a demon’s favorite type of math? Hell-gebra.
  19. What’s the devil’s favorite mode of transport? A Hell-icopter.
  20. Why did the demon bring a sweater to hell? Because he heard there was a chance of a cold day in hell.
  21. Why was the demon a poor gardener? He kept raising hell, not plants.
  22. Why do demons never play baseball? It’s always too hot for a pitcher.
  23. What did the devil say when he was late for work? “Hell, I overslept.”
  24. Why is the devil terrible at chess? He always loses his bishops.
  25. What did one demon say to another when they saw a holy water stand? “Hell no, not for us.”
  26. Why are there no clocks in Hell? Because it’s timeless torment.
  27. How do you know if a demon is happy? When he’s in hell-arious mood.
  28. Why did the devil start a rock band? Because he loves heavy metal.
  29. What’s a demon’s favorite exercise? Devil’s press.
  30. Why did the devil go to the therapist? He needed help dealing with his inner demons.
  31. How do you compliment a devil? Just tell him he’s looking hell-acious.
  32. What do demons wear to formal events? Hell-tuxedos.
  33. Why did the demon start a blog? He wanted to share his daily hell.
  34. Why don’t devils use computers? They’re afraid of Windows to Heaven.
  35. What do you call a devil who loves art? A Hell-strator.
  36. What do you call a devil who takes good photos? A Hell-ographer.
  37. Why did the demon become a comedian? Because his jokes are always fire.
  38. What’s a devil’s favorite game? Hide and shriek.
  39. How does the devil sign his letters? “Burn Regards.”
  40. Why did the devil get lost? He took a wrong turn on the highway to Hell.
  41. What’s the devil’s favorite kind of cake? Devil’s food cake, obviously!
  42. Why do devils never run marathons? Because they can’t handle the heat.
  43. How does a demon ask for a promotion? By raising a little hell at work.
  44. Why did the devil go to culinary school? He wanted to learn to grill souls to perfection.
  45. Why did the devil become a motivational speaker? Because he knows how to fire people up.
  46. Why are there no mirrors in Hell? Because everyone’s always looking their worst.
  47. What’s a devil’s favorite song? “Highway to Hell.”
  48. Why was the demon a poor carpenter? He kept burning the wood instead of cutting it.
  49. What do you call a devil with a cold? A Hell-ergy patient.
  50. Why do devils make terrible chefs? Because they always overcook everything.
  51. What’s the hardest job in Hell? The fire extinguisher.
  52. Why did the demon become a football coach? He loves raising hell on the field.
  53. How does a devil get promoted? By turning up the heat.
  54. What’s a devil’s favorite drink? Hell-caholic beverages.
  55. Why was the devil a terrible teacher? He had no class.
  56. What do you call a devil who works in the tech industry? A Hell-IT expert.
  57. Why don’t devils wear glasses? They have perfect hell-sight.
  58. What’s a devil’s favorite dance? The devil’s tango.
  59. How does a devil like his coffee? Hell-roasted.
  60. What do you call a devil in a suit? A Hell-o Gentlemen.
  61. Why did the devil get kicked out of the choir? His voice was hell-ful.
  62. Why don’t demons believe in Santa? Because it’s too cool for them.
  63. What’s a devil’s favorite exercise equipment? Hell-iptical machine.
  64. What did the demon do when he retired? He settled down in the suburbs of Hell.
  65. What’s a devil’s favorite book? Hell’s Angels.
  66. What do you call a devil who’s good at drawing? A Hell-ustrator.
  67. Why do demons hate flying? Because heaven is not their final destination.
  68. How do devils stay up to date with gossip? They always stay in hell-touch.
  69. What’s a demon’s favorite form of transport? Hell-icabs.
  70. What did the demon say when he won the lottery? “Hell yeah!”
  71. What’s a devil’s favorite fruit? Hell-o-peño.
  72. Why don’t demons play golf? Too many sand traps.
  73. What’s the most popular sport in Hell? Fireball.
  74. What do you call a devil who can sing? A Hell-odist.
  75. What do you call a devil that can cook? A Hell’s chef.
  76. Why was the demon a bad politician? Because he couldn’t cover up his lies.
  77. What do devils use to stay organized? Hell-endars.
  78. How do demons like their eggs? Hell-side up.
  79. What do you call a devil who tells bad jokes? A Hell-arious mess.
  80. Why don’t devils wear snow boots? Because it’s a hell of a lot hotter where they’re from.
  81. Why did the demon open a spa? Because he likes it hot and steamy.
  82. What do demons use to clean their clothes? Hell-gent.
  83. How do demons cut their hair? With Hell-clippers.
  84. Why did the devil start a campfire? Because he was freezing in hell.
  85. What do you call a devil with a map? A Hell-avigator.
  86. What’s a demon’s favorite type of music? Hell-billy.
  87. Why did the devil get a pet? Because it was a hellhound.
  88. What do demons use to build houses? Hell-ammers.
  89. What do you call a devil in a blizzard? A Hell-cicle.
  90. What do you call a devil who’s a doctor? A Hell-thcare provider.
  91. Why don’t devils have to go shopping? Because they already wear the latest hells.
  92. Why did the demon take a nap? Because he was hell-a tired.
  93. Why do demons love spicy food? Because they like a little bit of hell in every bite.
  94. What do you call a devil who can’t swim? A Hell-drowner.
  95. Why did the devil become a lawyer? Because he’s great at raising objections.
  96. How do devils communicate over long distances? They use Hell-phones.
  97. Why do demons like to take selfies? Because they think they’re hell-fie material.
  98. Why do demons make terrible judges? Because they always deliver a hell of a verdict.
  99. What’s a devil’s favorite pet? A hell-cat.
  100. Why don’t demons play poker in the jungle? Because there are too many cheetahs and not enough heaters.

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