101 Rejection Jokes

In the realm of humor, there exists a unique genre of jokes that revolve around a topic many can relate to but few openly discuss: rejection. These rejection jokes serve as a lighthearted way to explore the various facets of being turned down, spurned, or denied, often resonating with those who have experienced such moments in their lives.

Through clever wordplay and playful self-deprecation, these jokes navigate the emotional landscape of rejection with wit and charm. So, let’s embark on a journey filled with laughter and take a closer look at the world of rejection jokes.

Rejection Jokes

Top 101 Rejection Jokes:

  1. If I were a letter, I’d be “R” because I’m always in “Rejection”.
  2. I’ve been rejected so many times, my middle name is “Thank you for your application”.
  3. I got rejected today. Even my coffee was like, “I can’t espresso how little I care”.
  4. I’m like a bad science experiment. I get rejected even by the laws of physics.
  5. My love life is like a shooting star, it burns bright and then I get rejected by the atmosphere.
  6. If rejection was a sport, I’d be an Olympian by now.
  7. I’ve been rejected so much, my phone autocorrects “hello” to “no, thank you”.
  8. My career as a comedian didn’t work out. They said my jokes were too “rejecting”.
  9. I’m like a bad art exhibit. Even the critics walk away.
  10. My dating app bio? “Swipe right for rejection”.
  11. My mailbox is like a museum of rejection letters.
  12. I applied for the job of being rejected, but I didn’t get it because they thought I was overqualified.
  13. Even my mirror gives me the cold shoulder.
  14. I went on a blind date. She took one look at me and said, “I think I’m going blind again”.
  15. The only thing that swipes right on me is my credit card, and even that gets declined.
  16. I tried to write a book about rejection, but the publishers said, “We’ll pass”.
  17. My rejection letters now come with a frequent loser discount.
  18. My diary is just a list of people who’ve said “It’s not you, it’s me”.
  19. When life gives me lemons, they’re usually accompanied by a rejection letter.
  20. I’m like a faulty light bulb. Everyone just gives up on trying to fix me.
  21. At this point, even rejection is rejecting me.
  22. My horoscope told me I’d face some rejection today. I said, “So, just like every other day then?”.
  23. I tried to get into the rejection club, but they said I didn’t meet their standards.
  24. If rejection was a currency, I’d be a billionaire.
  25. Even my own jokes walk out on me.
  26. I applied for a job at the rejection factory. They told me I didn’t have enough experience.
  27. I’m like a bad book. Everyone puts me down after the first chapter.
  28. If I were a YouTube video, I’d be the one with more dislikes than likes.
  29. I tried to sell my rejection letters. No one bought them.
  30. I told a joke at a stand-up gig. Even the microphone walked away.
  31. I went to a psychic. She saw a lot of rejection in my future.
  32. When I say “I’m going out”, I mean “I’m going out to face more rejection”.
  33. I asked my GPS for directions. It said, “No route found”.
  34. I’m like a bad song on the radio. Everyone changes the station when I come on.
  35. I’ve faced so much rejection that even my dog prefers the mailman.
  36. My resume is just a collection of nicely worded rejection letters.
  37. I tried to join a rejection support group. They told me there wasn’t enough room.
  38. Even my trash can is too good for my jokes.
  39. I auditioned for a reality show. They said I was too real.
  40. My social life is like a mystery novel. Everyone leaves before the end.
  41. I went to a pet shop. Even the parrot said, “Nope”.
  42. Even my reflection in the puddle walked away from me.
  43. When I apply for jobs, they ask me to bring my own rejection letter.
  44. I joined a dating site. My account was flagged as spam.
  45. If rejection had a face, it would be my mirror reflection.
  46. My life is like a film festival, but with only rejection letters.
  47. Even my echo leaves me on read.
  48. I got a fortune cookie. It was empty.
  49. My dating life is like a game of chess. I’m always in checkmate.
  50. If I were a plant, I’d be the one no one waters.
  51. I tried to play a game of rejection. Even the game said, “Game Over”.
  52. Even the stars spell out “rejection” when I look up at night.
  53. I tried to make a salad. Even the lettuce walked out.
  54. I auditioned for a tragedy. They said I was too sad.
  55. I’m so good at getting rejected, they should start calling it “getting me”.
  56. I tried to create a rejection app. It crashed on me.
  57. I tried to join the school of hard knocks. They said I was too soft.
  58. Even my shadow refuses to stick around.
  59. If I were a pizza, I’d be the one that gets delivered to the wrong address.
  60. I tried to open a can of rejection. Even the can opener walked away.
  61. I tried to play a sad song. Even my guitar strings broke.
  62. If rejection were a meal, I’d be the main course.
  63. When I try to make friends, they come with pre-written rejection letters.
  64. I tried to sell my ideas. Even my thoughts went bankrupt.
  65. I gave a speech. Even the podium walked away.
  66. I tried to start a rejection diary. Even the pages wouldn’t turn.
  67. I’m like a cancelled TV show. No one wants to see another season.
  68. My love life is like a book, but with only rejection letters.
  69. Even my imaginary friend said, “Let’s just be acquaintances”.
  70. I tried to read a book about rejection. Even the book closed on me.
  71. If I were a ship, I’d be the Titanic.
  72. I tried to join the Rejects Club. They told me they were at capacity.
  73. When I sing, even the radio changes station.
  74. I entered a talent show. Even the stage lights went out.
  75. I tried to climb the ladder of success. It fell down.
  76. Even my own dreams wake up from me.
  77. I auditioned for a comedy. They said my life was too funny.
  78. If rejection were a color, I’d be a rainbow.
  79. I tried to solve a crossword. Even the words were like, “Not you again”.
  80. Even the emojis on my phone reject me with a thumbs down.
  81. I tried to paint a picture. Even the colors ran away.
  82. I’m like a bad sequel. Everyone already knows it’s going to be bad.
  83. I went for a swim. Even the water drained away.
  84. I tried to join a band. Even the silence was too loud.
  85. My love life is like a concert. But the tickets are always sold out.
  86. I went to a comedy club. Even the laughter was silent.
  87. Even the boomerang I threw decided not to come back.
  88. I tried to be a teacher. Even the chalkboard erased itself.
  89. I tried to tell a ghost story. Even the spirits said, “We’ve heard better”.
  90. I tried to make a sandcastle. Even the sand washed away.
  91. I tried to solve a mystery. Even the clues were like, “Find someone else”.
  92. I tried to be a chef. Even the stove wouldn’t heat up.
  93. I went to a magic show. Even the rabbit in the hat disappeared.
  94. I tried to write a play. Even the curtains closed.
  95. I tried to be a tour guide. Even the tourists got lost.
  96. I tried to make a puppet show. Even the puppets cut their strings.
  97. I tried to make a wish. Even the star fell from the sky.
  98. I tried to join a book club. Even the books had no pages.
  99. I tried to solve a riddle. Even the question mark walked away.
  100. I tried to be a poet. Even the rhymes wouldn’t rhyme.
  101. If rejection was a job, I would probably be fired.


In the world of comedy, rejection jokes add a touch of hilarity to an experience that many find challenging and emotionally taxing. They provide a way to embrace rejection and the disappointments that come with it, turning something negative into a source of laughter and amusement.

These jokes remind us that rejection is a universal human experience, and by finding humor in it, we can alleviate some of the sting it may bring. As we’ve seen through this collection of rejection jokes, they cleverly use irony, self-deprecation, and wordplay to lighten the mood and make us chuckle at life’s inevitable rejections.

So, the next time you encounter rejection, remember these jokes and let them bring a smile to your face, knowing you’re not alone in this journey. After all, as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine, even for the pangs of rejection.

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