125 Mouth Puns

Welcome to a hilarious journey through the world of dental humor! From root canal jokes to wisdom tooth witticisms, the world of mouth puns is as expansive as it is side-splitting. In this article, we’ll delve into a collection of dental jests that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear – or should we say, tooth to tooth!

So, grab your dental floss and brace yourself for a cavalcade of puns that will leave you in stitches.

Mouth Puns

Top 125 Mouth Puns:

  1. He got braces because he wanted to get his teeth straightened out.
Mouth Pun 1
Mouth Pun 1
  1. I didn’t understand the dental joke, it was just too deep-filling.
Mouth Pun 2
Mouth Pun 2
  1. Never trust a dentist; they always get on your nerves.
Mouth Pun 3
Mouth Pun 3
  1. This dentist has an intense schedule. It’s always packed to the teeth.
Mouth Pun 4
Mouth Pun 4
  1. My wisdom teeth are so clever, they’ve started spitting out philosophies.
Mouth Pun 5
Mouth Pun 5
  1. Did you hear about the dentist who planted a tree? It had great roots.
Mouth Pun 6
Mouth Pun 6
  1. The dentist became a baseball coach. He knows the drill.
Mouth Pun 7
Mouth Pun 7
  1. I told the dentist my teeth are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie.
Mouth Pun 8
Mouth Pun 8
  1. Who won the boxing match? The one with the best right hook and jaw.
Mouth Pun 9
Mouth Pun 9
  1. My mouth is a nightclub. Every night the tongue and teeth grind.
Mouth Pun 10
Mouth Pun 10
  1. My teeth are feeling down in the mouth.
  2. If you want to go green, just eat more spinach. It’ll give you a green smile.
  3. Why was the toothbrush sad? Because it felt overbrushed.
  4. I heard the tooth and the gum had a fight. The tooth was crowned the winner.
  5. I once dated a dentist. It was like pulling teeth.
  6. Why don’t teeth ever get lost? Because they always take root.
  7. I tried to tell a molar pun, but it was too incisor.
  8. Do you know why the dentist became a gardener? He wanted to flossom.
  9. When the tooth got lost, it went straight to the enamel office.
  10. The dentist left his job because it was like pulling teeth.
  11. Why did the dentist become a baseball coach? He knows the drill.
  12. I told the dentist my teeth are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie.
  13. How did the dentist become a heart surgeon? His work always touched people’s heart.
  14. Why did the dentist become a baseball player? He was great at root, root, rooting for the team.
  15. Don’t make fun of the toothbrush. It has seen some things.
  16. The toothpaste is so mint, it’s always cool under pressure.
  17. Dentists are so boring, they never get to the root of the problem.
  18. The toothpaste called, it wants to do a capella. It always knew how to hit the right notes.
  19. If you don’t like the dentist, it’s okay. They always get a bad bite.
  20. The dentist’s drill has the most grating personality.
  21. When you brush with mint toothpaste, you’re in essence giving your mouth a chill pill.
  22. The dentist doesn’t like tea. It’s just too staining.
  23. My dentist doesn’t have a sense of humor, he always brushes it off.
  24. That toothpaste was so good, it left my mouth foaming.
  25. The dentist won the poker game with a royal flush.
  26. I’m so excited about my new toothbrush, it really bristles with potential.
  27. The dentist was voted most likely to pick up a fight.
  28. When it comes to fighting cavities, I try not to bite off more than I can chew.
  29. My dentist always seems to be on edge, he really should floss less.
  30. Dentists love to make small talk, they just can’t help but jaw about it.
  31. Have you ever tried to outsmart a tooth? It’s a bite hard.
  32. Never make your dentist angry, they have fillings too.
  33. Why did the tooth go to school? To get a bit sharper.
  34. I told my dentist a joke, but it was too plaque for him.
  35. Dentists always have fill-in jokes, but they’re just not as filling.
  36. That mouthwash is such a gossip. It leaves no stone unturned.
  37. Why do teeth never reveal secrets? They always keep it under their cap.
  38. Dentists are such artists. They always know how to fill in the gaps.
  39. Toothbrushes never take a vacation, they always brush off the idea.
  40. Have you ever tried to tell a tooth a joke? It’s like pulling teeth.
  41. Teeth are like stars. They come out at night.
  42. I heard the toothbrush and the toothpaste had a feud. They just couldn’t gel.
  43. Braces always feel left out. They just want to feel included.
  44. Why did the mouthwash get promoted? It was good at taking the bad breath away.
  45. How did the tooth wish his friend? Molarly meet again!
  46. The wisdom tooth called, it wants its wisdom back.
  47. Have you heard the joke about the tooth? It’s unbearably incisive.
  48. The toothbrush was always skeptical about the toothpaste. It felt squeezed.
  49. The floss was upset. It just wanted to hang by a thread.
  50. The tooth had a bad day, it just couldn’t brush it off.
  51. The tongue and the teeth are in constant war, it’s a real mouthful.
  52. The tooth had a crush on the candy, it was a sweet tooth indeed.
  53. The wisdom tooth felt useless, it just wanted to add some wisdom.
  54. The toothpaste was a great singer, it always knew how to squeeze out a tune.
  55. The tooth felt cold, it just wanted a cap.
  56. The dentist wanted to start a band, he had a great fill-in.
  57. The braces got offended, they felt too tied up.
  58. The tooth couldn’t keep up with the cavities, it was all too filling.
  59. The toothpaste and the toothbrush had a dance-off, it was a real squeeze.
  60. The toothpaste always felt under pressure, it just wanted to let off some steam.
  61. The tooth felt naked without its crown.
  62. The tooth just wanted to have some space, but the braces were too clingy.
  63. The toothpaste felt under-appreciated, it just wanted to shine.
  64. The tongue got jealous of the teeth, it just wanted to bite back.
  65. The teeth went on strike, they felt too brushed off.
  66. The toothpaste had a bright future, it was always the star of the show.
  67. The braces were too restrictive, they just wanted to break free.
  68. The floss was too clingy, it was always stuck in between.
  69. The tooth wanted to have a cavity, it just wanted to feel hollow.
  70. The mouthwash had a burning desire to kill all the bacteria.
  71. The toothbrush wanted to dye its bristles, it was just too white.
  72. The dentist and the toothpaste had a conflict, they couldn’t see eye to eye.
  73. The tooth wanted to be a star, it just wanted to shine.
  74. The tongue was a great speaker, it never bit its tongue.
  75. The toothpaste was an explorer, it wanted to see the world.
  76. The braces were too uptight, they needed to loosen up.
  77. The dentist was a great story-teller, he always knew how to fill in the gaps.
  78. The toothpaste was a great motivator, it always squeezed out the best.
  79. The floss was a great thinker, it always found the gap in the argument
  80. The toothbrush was always the star of the show, it loved to brush up on its act.
  81. The toothpaste was an optimist. No matter how squeezed it was, it always came out on top.
  82. The dentist is always making crowning achievements.
  83. The tooth was feeling down, it needed a good filling.
  84. The tongue is the biggest chatterbox, always wagging around.
  85. The toothbrush was a real clean freak, always wanting to sweep everything under the rug.
  86. My dentist always seems to brace himself for impact.
  87. The tooth had a sweet tooth, it was in love with candy.
  88. The tongue was a great comedian, it was always tongue-in-cheek.
  89. The toothpaste was too squeaky clean, it was a real goody two-shoes.
  90. The teeth had a meeting. They really know how to bite into an issue.
  91. The wisdom tooth was very wise, it always stayed back.
  92. The tooth had a bad day, it was too drilled.
  93. The floss had a sharp mind, it always cut through the chase.
  94. The braces had a bright future, they were always gleaming.
  95. The toothpaste had a bright idea, it wanted to shine.
  96. The toothbrush was a real action hero, it loved to brush off danger.
  97. The tongue had a good taste in food, it was a real gourmet.
  98. The toothpaste was a hopeless romantic, it always fell head over heels.
  99. The tooth had a great sense of humor, it was always cracking up.
  100. The toothpaste was an artist, it loved to paint a fresh picture.
  101. The tooth had a bright future, it was always gleaming.
  102. The dentist was a great mentor, he was always guiding the drill.
  103. The tooth was very cheeky, it loved to bite back.
  104. The floss was a real daredevil, it loved to swing between teeth.
  105. The toothpaste had a great personality, it was always cool and fresh.
  106. The tooth had a rough day, it was feeling chipped.
  107. The dentist was a great dancer, he always knew how to move his drill.
  108. The toothpaste was a real flirt, it loved to make the teeth shine.
  109. The dentist was a great planner, he always knew the drill.
  110. The floss was a great actor, it loved to string people along.
  111. The tooth was a real joker, it was always in stitches.
  112. The toothpaste was a great writer, it loved to squeeze out words.
  113. The dentist was a great sculptor, he loved to carve out smiles.
  114. The toothbrush was a real adventurer, it loved to brush up on its skills.
  115. The tongue was a great philosopher, it loved to twist words.


We hope these dental puns have given you a reason to smile wider than the Cheshire cat. From the wisdom of wisdom teeth to the playful banter between toothbrushes and toothpaste, the dental world sure knows how to brush up on its humor.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and these dental jokes are the perfect prescription for a brighter day. Keep flossing, keep smiling, and never forget to add a bit of humor to your dental routine!

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