150 Motorcycle Jokes

Rev up your laughter engines and gear up for a wheelie good time! Dive into a collection of wheely hilarious motorcycle jokes that are bound to kick-start your funny bone. From pun-tastic punchlines to bike-inspired humor, these jokes are guaranteed to make you accelerate into fits of laughter.

So, sit back, put on your helmet, and let’s take a joy ride through the world of motorcycle humor!

Motorcycle Jokes

Top 150 Motorcycle Jokes:

  1. Why don’t motorcycles go to college? Because they’re already two tired!
Motorcycle Joke 1
Motorcycle Joke 1
  1. How do you make a motorcycle stand? Take away its chair!
Motorcycle Joke 2
Motorcycle Joke 2
  1. Why do motorcycles have kickstands? Because they’re too heavy to carry!
Motorcycle Joke 3
Motorcycle Joke 3
  1. Why do motorcycles like to ride with a group? They don’t want to be single-cylinder!
Motorcycle Joke 4
Motorcycle Joke 4
  1. What do you call a cold motorcycle? A chopper-cicle!
Motorcycle Joke 5
Motorcycle Joke 5
  1. How does a motorcycle learn to ride? On a training wheel!
Motorcycle Joke 6
Motorcycle Joke 6
  1. Why do motorcycles never get lost? They always follow the road’s Harley-ography!
Motorcycle Joke 7
Motorcycle Joke 7
  1. What did the motorcycle say to the road? “I feel so attached to you.”
Motorcycle Joke 8
Motorcycle Joke 8
  1. What do you call a happy motorcycle? A Yamahahaha!
Motorcycle Joke 9
Motorcycle Joke 9
  1. Why was the motorcycle a poor comedian? It always breaks down at the punchline!
Motorcycle Joke 10
Motorcycle Joke 10
  1. Why did the motorcycle stop running? It was two exhausted!
  2. What do you call a motorcycle with a sidecar? A three wheeler that wants to be a car!
  3. How do motorcycles communicate? They use their horn language!
  4. Why do bikers never ride alone? They prefer to be in-gear!
  5. Why did the motorcycle go to therapy? It had too many road issues!
  6. Why was the motorcycle a bad cook? It’s always burning rubber!
  7. Why do motorcycles never sleep? They fear they’ll fall off the kickstand!
  8. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite game? Twister.
  9. How does a motorcycle like its tea? Brake-ing hot!
  10. What do you call a singing motorcycle? Opera Davidson.
  11. What did the motorcycle say to its owner? “Stop pushing my buttons!”
  12. How does a motorcycle ask for food? “Can I have a side-car of fries, please?”
  13. Why don’t motorcycles use GPS? They trust their gut and go vroom!
  14. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite clothing? A leather jacket!
  15. What’s the most zen motorcycle? The Kawasaki Ninja, it’s always in the moment!
  16. Why did the motorcycle get a parking ticket? It was revving too loud!
  17. What do you call a cat on a motorcycle? A purr-dley!
  18. What did the sad motorcycle say? “I’m feeling low on fuel.”
  19. Why was the motorcycle always at the bar? It couldn’t pass the bar-exam!
  20. How does a motorcycle flirt? It winks its headlight!
  21. What is a motorcycle’s favorite meal? Wheel pasta!
  22. Why do motorcycles hate racing? They get tired too quickly!
  23. How does a motorcycle start its day? With a healthy breakfast of grease and oil!
  24. Why don’t motorcycles make good pets? They’re always running away!
  25. Why did the motorcycle break up with its rider? They couldn’t handle the long rides!
  26. Why was the motorcycle so loud? It wants to be heard, not just seen!
  27. What do you call a motorcycle that tells jokes? A Yamahahahaha!
  28. How do motorcycles get high? They huff and puff and blow their exhausts!
  29. Why don’t motorcycles like winter? They can’t stand the cold shoulder from the roads!
  30. Why was the motorcycle feeling blue? It was out of tune!
  31. Why don’t motorcycles work in offices? They can’t stand desk jobs!
  32. Why did the motorcycle go to the party? To kill the engine!
  33. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite movie? Easy Rider!
  34. What do you call a scared motorcycle? A chicken chopper!
  35. Why did the motorcycle go to the beach? It wanted to ride the waves!
  36. What do you call a motorcycle that doesn’t run? A mope-cycle!
  37. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite band? The Rolling Stones, for their “Paint It Black”!
  38. Why do motorcycles make terrible secret agents? They always spill their oil!
  39. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite exercise? Handle-bar lifts!
  40. Why don’t motorcycles get invited to parties? They always burnout!
  41. How does a motorcycle like to dance? With a vroom-ba!
  42. Why was the motorcycle a bad friend? It always leaves you in the dust!
  43. Why do motorcycles make bad detectives? They always overlook the clutch!
  44. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite dessert? Mud-pie with a side of dirt!
  45. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite quote? “Live to ride, ride to live!”
  46. Why are motorcycles so cool? They have too many fans!
  47. How does a motorcycle say hello? It waves its handlebars!
  48. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite TV show? Sons of Anarchy!
  49. What did the motorcycle say to the bicycle? “You’re two tired!”
  50. What did the pepper say to the motorcycle? “Stop, you’re too spicy for the road!”
  51. Why don’t motorcycles date cars? They have too many baggage!
  52. Why are motorcycles bad at hide and seek? They always leave tracks!
  53. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite vacation spot? The Grand Prix!
  54. Why did the motorcycle go to the restaurant? It wanted to have a pit-stop!
  55. Why don’t motorcycles watch movies? They’re always on the go!
  56. What do you call a motorcycle with a bad muffler? A Harley-Quin!
  57. Why was the motorcycle a bad roommate? It was always revving up trouble!
  58. Why don’t motorcycles like playing cards? They can’t handle the pressure!
  59. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite flower? The speed-well!
  60. Why don’t motorcycles like spicy food? It gets their engines overheating!
  61. What do you call a motorcycle who can’t stop telling lies? A Moto-mouth!
  62. Why don’t motorcycles use umbrellas? They like feeling the wind!
  63. Why don’t motorcycles like tennis? They’re afraid of getting served!
  64. How do motorcycles handle stress? They throttle it out!
  65. Why was the motorcycle always late? It lost track of time in the fast lane!
  66. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite instrument? The drum brake!
  67. Why do motorcycles go to concerts? They love the rock and roll!
  68. How does a motorcycle show its age? It starts to squeak!
  69. Why was the motorcycle afraid of the dark? It couldn’t find its spark!
  70. Why did the motorcycle apply for a job? It wanted to earn extra fuel!
  71. What do you call a motorcycle in a suit? A formal bike!
  72. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite subject? Geography, because they love long rides!
  73. How do motorcycles celebrate birthdays? With a brake-out party!
  74. Why did the motorcycle join the circus? It wanted to become a stunt bike!
  75. What do you call a motorcycle that’s great with kids? A tricycle!
  76. Why do motorcycles never tell secrets? They always spill the gas!
  77. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite day of the week? Vroom-day!
  78. How does a motorcycle keep its shape? It never skips a gear day!
  79. Why did the motorcycle take up yoga? It wanted to find its inner peace and quiet!
  80. Why don’t motorcycles make good singers? They’re always off-key!
  81. What do you call a motorcycle that can’t stand still? A Yamahopper!
  82. Why don’t motorcycles like to talk about their feelings? They’re afraid of getting too revved up!
  83. What do you call a psychic motorcycle? A moto-reader!
  84. Why was the motorcycle bad at math? It couldn’t find the root of its problems!
  85. Why don’t motorcycles play basketball? They’re afraid of the dunk!
  86. How do motorcycles like their eggs? Over-easy rider!
  87. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite drink? A brake fluid smoothie!
  88. Why did the motorcycle go to jail? It couldn’t brake the law!
  89. How do you know a motorcycle is about to propose? It gets down on one knee!
  90. Why was the motorcycle embarrassed? It lost its balance in front of everyone!
  91. How do motorcycles argue? They roar it out!
  92. Why did the motorcycle go to the doctor? It had a flat!
  93. How do motorcycles avoid traffic? They swerve around it!
  94. Why don’t motorcycles like the desert? They don’t like being off-rode!
  95. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite book? “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”
  96. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite workout? The spin class!
  97. How does a motorcycle ask for a date? “Wanna go vroom around town?”
  98. Why don’t motorcycles do well in school? They always wheelie out of class!
  99. What do you call a lonely motorcycle? A solitary rider!
  100. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite song? “Born to be Wild!”
  101. What did the motorcycle say when it got its tires changed? “I feel like a new bike!”
  102. Why don’t motorcycles get married? They hate being tied down!
  103. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite dance move? The wheelie spin!
  104. What do you call a motorcycle that can’t make up its mind? A Motoshuffle!
  105. Why are motorcycles always early? They know the importance of being in-gear!
  106. Why did the motorcycle get a haircut? It was tired of the wind messing up its hair!
  107. What do you call a retired motorcycle? An easy rider!
  108. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite hobby? Off-roading!
  109. How does a motorcycle stay in shape? It does wheelie good exercises!
  110. Why did the motorcycle get a watch? It wanted to beat the clock!
  111. What do you call a motorcycle who loves fashion? A Vroom Vroom Vogue!
  112. What do motorcycles do in their spare time? They go on joy rides!
  113. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite social media platform? Instagram, for all the road trip photos!
  114. Why don’t motorcycles like swimming? They’re afraid of the deep end!
  115. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite weather? A breezy day!
  116. How do motorcycles make decisions? They throttle through it!
  117. Why was the motorcycle always confused? It couldn’t keep its thoughts in gear!
  118. Why don’t motorcycles go to the movies? They hate the trailers!
  119. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite joke? Anything that makes them brake out in laughter!
  120. How do motorcycles show their love? They keep their engines revving!
  121. What do you call a polite motorcycle? A motorplease!
  122. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite color? Wheelie vibrant shades!
  123. Why did the motorcycle go to the art museum? It loves to admire the still life!
  124. Why don’t motorcycles join the army? They can’t handle the boots!
  125. What do you call a motorcycle with no rider? A moto-no!
  126. Why did the motorcycle go on a diet? It felt too heavy!
  127. How do motorcycles feel after a long ride? Tyred out!
  128. Why don’t motorcycles do well in tests? They’re always on the edge!
  129. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite fruit? An apple, because it keeps the mechanic away!
  130. Why did the motorcycle cross the road? It couldn’t resist the open road!
  131. Why did the motorcycle break up with the car? It was tired of playing second wheel!
  132. Why don’t motorcycles like chess? They hate being cornered!
  133. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite season? Summer, because they love a good burn!
  134. Why did the motorcycle join the choir? It loves to hit the high notes!
  135. Why don’t motorcycles work out at the gym? They’re afraid of the treadmill!
  136. What’s a motorcycle’s favorite animal? A road runner!
  137. Why don’t motorcycles like golf? They hate the bunkers!
  138. What do you call a slow motorcycle? A slowtorcycle!
  139. Why do motorcycles make terrible teachers? They can’t stop racing through the material!
  140. Why don’t motorcycles like camping? They hate getting stuck in the mud!


Hope these motorcycle jokes revved up your spirits and brought a smile to your face! Whether you’re a biking enthusiast or simply love a good chuckle, these puns and jests surely put the pedal to the pun-metal. Remember, laughter is the fuel that keeps us going, so share these jokes with friends, fellow riders, or anyone needing a dose of comic relief. Keep your gears shifting and stay tuned for more pun-filled adventures down the humor highway! Until next time, ride safe and keep laughing!

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