150 Monday Jokes

Welcome to the world of Monday humor! Mondays are often associated with the start of a new work or school week, and the jokes surrounding this day aim to bring some light-heartedness to what many consider a tough beginning.

With a collection of witty and pun-filled jests, we’ve gathered an array of Monday-related jokes that add a touch of humor to this notorious day of the week. From clever wordplay to playful observations about Monday’s character, get ready to laugh and see the brighter side of the beginning of the week with these delightful jokes.

Monday Jokes

Top 150 Monday Jokes:

  1. Why don’t Mondays work? Because they’re always on a week break.
Monday Joke 1
Monday Joke 1
  1. What’s Monday’s favorite type of math? Sum-ber day.
Monday Joke 2
Monday Joke 2
  1. Why did the coffee file a police report on Monday? Because it got mugged.
Monday Joke 3
Monday Joke 3
  1. What do you call a Monday that dresses up like a Friday? An Impost-week.
Monday Joke 4
Monday Joke 4
  1. Why did Monday go to the therapist? It has a case of weak-itis.
Monday Joke 5
Monday Joke 5
  1. Why did the computer go to its chiropractor on Monday? It had a bad case of CAPS LOCK.
Monday Joke 6
Monday Joke 6
  1. Why was the Monday crossword so hard? It was in a bad mood and didn’t want anyone to cross it.
Monday Joke 7
Monday Joke 7
  1. Why don’t we ever invite Monday to parties? Because it always brings a week with it.
Monday Joke 8
Monday Joke 8
  1. Why do Monday mornings feel like a math test? The problems just keep adding up.
Monday Joke 9
Monday Joke 9
  1. Why did Monday bring sunglasses to the party? Because it wanted to have a bright start.
Monday Joke 10
Monday Joke 10
  1. Why did Monday break up with Sunday? It couldn’t deal with Sunday’s sunny disposition.
  2. Why is Monday the smartest day of the week? It always has a week of knowledge.
  3. Why was the Monday jealous of Friday? Because Friday always gets to hang out with the weekends.
  4. What did the Monday say to the weekend? “Don’t leave, I can’t bear a week without you.”
  5. Why did the calendar break up with Monday? Because it heard Monday was dating the week.
  6. Why is Monday so good at camping? It always pitches a week.
  7. Why is Monday so bad at keeping secrets? It always spills the beans after the weekend.
  8. Why does Monday go to the gym? It likes to exercise its week.
  9. What’s Monday’s favorite band? The Beatles, because it loves to “Help!” make the week better.
  10. Why did the book start crying on Monday? Because it was just getting into the story, and then it got bookmarked.
  11. What did Monday say to Tuesday? “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.”
  12. What’s the difference between a Monday and a laundry machine? The laundry machine doesn’t ruin your clothes when it spins.
  13. Why did Monday get a speeding ticket? It was rushing into the week.
  14. What did the Sunday say to Monday? “You’re not my week-end.”
  15. Why did Monday cross the road? Because it heard the weekend was on the other side.
  16. How is Monday like a painting? It always starts with a blank canvas.
  17. What do Monday and a broken pencil have in common? They both have no point.
  18. Why is Monday the heaviest day? It carries the weight of the whole week.
  19. Why do weekends hide from Monday? It brings the week back.
  20. Why is Monday always tired? It just finished a week-long marathon.
  21. Why does Monday go to school? It always has a lot to learn in a week.
  22. How does Monday say goodbye? “See you in a week.”
  23. Why did Monday get the job? It had a strong week.
  24. Why is Monday like a magic trick? It always disappears too quickly.
  25. How does Monday stay healthy? It gets a workout for a week.
  26. Why does Monday never win at cards? It always plays a weak hand.
  27. Why did Monday go to the dentist? It needed a week cleaning.
  28. Why do cats hate Mondays? Because it’s the start of a dogged week.
  29. Why is Monday like a library? It always has a book-week.
  30. What did Monday say when it looked in the mirror? “Time to face a week.”
  31. How does Monday comfort its friends? “Don’t worry, the weekend is only a week away.”
  32. Why don’t ghosts like Mondays? Too much day-scare.
  33. Why did Monday bring a ladder to work? It knew it had to climb the week.
  34. Why do owls never go out on Mondays? They don’t give a hoot about the start of the week.
  35. What does Monday use to fix everything? A week-glue.
  36. How is Monday like a thief? It always steals the weekend.
  37. Why does Monday always carry an umbrella? It likes to rain on your parade.
  38. What’s Monday’s favorite exercise? Week-lifting.
  39. Why does Monday always take the stairs? It never takes the week off.
  40. What did Monday say to the calendar? “Looks like we have a week ahead of us.”
  41. What’s Monday’s favorite type of dog? A week-labrador.
  42. Why did the chicken hate Mondays? Because it always has to start from scratch.
  43. Why did Monday go to the beach? It needed a break from the week.
  44. Why does Monday feel like a year? Because it’s 52 times a year.
  45. How is Monday like a keyboard? It always has a week’s worth of typing.
  46. What did the salad say to Monday? “Lettuce begin!”
  47. What do you call a very happy Monday? A Fri-YAY in disguise.
  48. Why did Monday go to the spa? It needed to unwind after a long week.
  49. What does Monday put in its coffee? A spoonful of the daily grind.
  50. Why does Monday wear glasses? It needs to have a clear week.
  51. Why don’t aliens land on Monday? They know it’s not the best day of the week.
  52. Why did Monday get a haircut? It wanted to trim the week.
  53. How is Monday like a noisy party? It always comes with a lot of weekdays.
  54. What’s Monday’s favorite candy? Week-tarts.
  55. How does Monday say hello? “Good week, mate!”
  56. Why did Monday go to the doctor? It felt weak.
  57. How does Monday drink its tea? One week at a time.
  58. Why does Monday never lose at chess? It always has the week in check.
  59. Why did Monday join a band? It loves a good week-beat.
  60. How does Monday win at poker? It always has a full week.
  61. What’s Monday’s favorite sport? Week-lifting.
  62. Why did Monday go to the bakery? It loves a fresh start to the week.
  63. What’s Monday’s favorite dance? The week-step.
  64. Why did Monday visit the museum? It wanted to see a week in history.
  65. How does Monday make its bed? It tucks in the week.
  66. Why does Monday love clocks? It always keeps track of the week.
  67. What’s Monday’s favorite fruit? Week-berries.
  68. Why did Monday buy a boat? It wanted to sail into the week.
  69. What’s Monday’s favorite movie? “A Week to Remember.”
  70. How doesMonday start its day? With a week of breakfast.
  71. Why does Monday like to play baseball? It loves to hit the week out of the park.
  72. What’s Monday’s favorite flower? Week-sias.
  73. Why is Monday like a chef? It always cooks up a new week.
  74. Why did Monday go to the music concert? It wanted to hear the week’s hits.
  75. What’s Monday’s favorite game? Hide and seek-the-week.
  76. Why did Monday join a book club? It enjoys a week of reading.
  77. How does Monday keep track of its schedule? With a week-planner.
  78. What’s Monday’s favorite superhero? Week-Man.
  79. Why did Monday buy new shoes? It was ready to step into the week.
  80. Why does Monday love recycling? It always has a bin full of weekdays.
  81. Why did Monday go to the park? It needed some fresh air after a stuffy week.
  82. How does Monday stay organized? With a week-folder.
  83. Why does Monday love the zoo? It enjoys a week of wild life.
  84. Why did Monday go to the movie theater? It was hoping for a week’s worth of entertainment.
  85. How does Monday travel? On a week-train.
  86. What’s Monday’s favorite joke? “Why don’t we do it all again in a week?”
  87. Why does Monday love gardening? It enjoys a week of plant growth.
  88. What’s Monday’s favorite song? “A Week in the Life.”
  89. Why did Monday visit the amusement park? It was looking for a thrilling start to the week.
  90. How does Monday communicate? With a week-talk.
  91. Why did Monday go to the zoo? It wanted to roar into the new week.
  92. Why does Monday never go on vacation? It can’t take a week off.
  93. What’s Monday’s favorite dessert? Week-pie.
  94. Why does Monday love hiking? It enjoys a week in nature.
  95. Why did Monday become a poet? It loves a week in verses.
  96. How does Monday shop? With a week-list.
  97. What’s Monday’s favorite planet? Week-turn.
  98. Why does Monday like to sing? It loves a week of melodies.
  99. What’s Monday’s favorite ice cream flavor? Week-olate chip.
  100. Why did Monday become a painter? It loves a week of colors.
  101. What’s Monday’s favorite animal? A week-er spaniel.
  102. Why does Monday always drive slowly? It’s carrying a week of baggage.
  103. Why did Monday become a gardener? It loves to plant the seeds for a great week.
  104. How does Monday dress? In week-wear.
  105. What’s Monday’s favorite musical? “Seven Days a Week.”
  106. Why does Monday love the winter? It gets a fresh week of snow.
  107. What’s Monday’s favorite book? “A Week to Kill.”
  108. Why did Monday join the circus? It loves a week of surprises.
  109. Why does Monday always take the elevator? It’s always going up in the week.
  110. Why did Monday become a magician? It loves to pull a week out of its hat.
  111. How does Monday keep time? With a week-watch.
  112. What’s Monday’s favorite chess piece? The Week-Queen.
  113. Why does Monday always eat breakfast? It can’t start the week on an empty stomach.
  114. What’s Monday’s favorite snack? Week-crispies.
  115. Why did Monday become a teacher? It loves to educate for the week.
  116. Why does Monday always bring lunch? It’s in for a long week.
  117. How does Monday keep warm? With a week-sweater.
  118. What’s Monday’s favorite drink? Week-juice.
  119. Why did Monday go to the gym? It wanted to strengthen the week.
  120. What’s Monday’s favorite TV show? “Week of Thrones.”
  121. Why does Monday love rain? It washes away the old week.
  122. What’s Monday’s favorite bird? The Week-eagle.
  123. Why did Monday join a basketball team? It wanted to shoot for a great week.
  124. What’s Monday’s favorite car? The Weekswagen.
  125. Why did Monday go to the library? It was checking out the week’s reads.
  126. What’s Monday’s favorite sweet? Week-candies.
  127. Why does Monday love summer? It brings a week of sunshine.
  128. What’s Monday’s favorite instrument? The week-olin.
  129. Why did Monday become a sailor? It wanted to navigate the week.
  130. How does Monday write a letter? With a week-pen.
  131. What’s Monday’s favorite city? Week-yo.
  132. Why did Monday get a pet? It wanted company for the week.
  133. What’s Monday’s favorite tree? Week-palm.
  134. Why does Monday love spring? It brings a fresh week of blooms.
  135. How does Monday pay its bills? With a week-check.
  136. What’s Monday’s favorite fish? The week-fin.
  137. Why did Monday join the choir? It wanted to harmonize the week.
  138. How does Monday paint a picture? With a week-brush.
  139. What’s Monday’s favorite part of the day? Dawn, because it breaks into a new week.
  140. Why did Monday become a comedian? It loves to laugh all week.


As we wrap up this collection of Monday jokes, it’s evident that humor knows no bounds, even when it comes to the notorious Monday blues. These playful quips and puns about Mondays bring a refreshing perspective, reminding us that laughter can be found in the most unexpected places.

So, the next time Monday rolls around, embrace these jokes to lighten the mood and approach the start of the week with a grin. After all, a good laugh is the perfect remedy to kick off any day, especially the one that often gets a bad rap. Cheers to finding the humor in Mondays and making the week ahead a bit brighter!

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