150 Mario Jokes

Dive into the whimsical world of Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom pals through a collection of rib-tickling jokes that pay homage to the beloved characters and their adventures.

From Mario’s iconic kart races to Peach’s clever comebacks and Bowser’s mischievous antics, these jokes showcase the humor and charm that have captivated fans worldwide.

Whether you’re a die-hard gamer or a casual fan, these Mario-themed jokes are bound to evoke laughter and nostalgia, celebrating the playful spirit of one of gaming’s most iconic franchises.

Mario Jokes

Top 150 Mario Jokes:

  1. Why did Mario go to the party? Because he was a fungi!
Mario Joke 1
Mario Joke 1
  1. Why does Mario love kart racing? It’s his only chance to speed without getting a ticket!
Mario Joke 2
Mario Joke 2
  1. Why doesn’t Luigi play hide and seek? Because he always comes in green (second)!
Mario Joke 3
Mario Joke 3
  1. What do you call Bowser when he’s feeling down? A sulk-itle!
Mario Joke 4
Mario Joke 4
  1. What did Princess Peach say to Mario when he tried to pick her up? I’m in another castle!
Mario Joke 5
Mario Joke 5
  1. What’s Wario’s favorite exercise? Dumb-bell-ows!
Mario Joke 6
Mario Joke 6
  1. What do you call a group of Toads who start a band? The Mush-pit!
Mario Joke 7
Mario Joke 7
  1. Why doesn’t Mario use an iPhone? He’s an Android guy, it has better shell integration!
Mario Joke 8
Mario Joke 8
  1. How does Mario know what will happen in the future? He uses a Luigi board!
Mario Joke 9
Mario Joke 9
  1. Why does Mario avoid the jungle? Too many plant Piranhas!
Mario Joke 10
Mario Joke 10
  1. Why is Mario a bad chef? He always breaks the spaghetti when he jumps on it!
  2. Why did Mario bring a ladder to the bar? To reach for the stars!
  3. What’s Mario’s favorite musical? Mama Mia!
  4. What did Yoshi say when he saw a ghost? “Boos!”
  5. What do you call it when Mario misses a jump? A Mario-miss-step!
  6. Why does Peach never get lost? Because she always follows the Toad!
  7. Why is Bowser terrible at cards? He always plays with his castle deck!
  8. What’s Mario’s favorite fabric? Denim, denim, denim!
  9. Why did Mario go to the psychologist? He had a fear of Koopas (shell shock)!
  10. How do the Marios communicate over long distances? Through the pipe-line!
  11. What did Mario say when he broke up with Peach? It’s not you, it’s-a-me, Mario!
  12. Why is Mario a good gardener? Because he always keeps his plants in check!
  13. What did Mario say to Luigi when they were playing chess? Check-mate, bro!
  14. How do you make a Toadstool? You take away its stool!
  15. Why did Bowser go to jail? For Koopa-ing a feel!
  16. Why was Mario always broke? Because he kept shelling out money!
  17. What did the star say to Mario? You light up my life!
  18. What’s Bowser’s least favorite food? Shellfish!
  19. Why did Mario get kicked out of the bakery? He kept jumping on the doughnuts!
  20. How does Mario stay fit? He always runs in the platform!
  21. Why did Luigi bring a map to the party? He heard there’d be a lot of levels!
  22. What does Peach say when she makes a mistake? “Oopsie Daisy!”
  23. What do you call a scary Mario? Spooketti!
  24. Why did Bowser cross the road? To kidnap Peach, obviously!
  25. Why did Mario become a plumber? He knew how to handle the pipes!
  26. How did Mario ask Peach on a date? He asked her for a 1-up!
  27. What do you call Bowser when he’s playing tricks? Shell-arious!
  28. Why didn’t Mario and Peach work out? They had too many Toads in their life!
  29. Why can’t Mario play cards in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!
  30. How do you make Mario disappear? Press the start button!
  31. What’s Yoshi’s favorite type of egg? Dino-soar!
  32. Why can’t you give Mario a surprise party? He can always hear the music change!
  33. Why did Mario go to the bank? To collect his coins!
  34. What’s Bowser’s favorite exercise? The shell-lift!
  35. What’s Luigi’s favorite food? Ghost Goulash!
  36. Why did Mario visit the cloud? He wanted a Lakitu ride!
  37. Why was Mario’s TV show canceled? Too many power-ups!
  38. What’s Mario’s favorite part of a joke? The punch-block!
  39. What did the Piranha Plant say to Mario? Leaf me alone!
  40. Why doesn’t Bowser eat clowns? He thinks they taste funny!
  41. Why was Luigi bad at soccer? He kept trying to catch the ball with his vacuum!
  42. Why did Mario always take mushrooms to parties? Because he’s a fun-gi!
  43. What did Mario say to Peach after saving her? Now, can we stop playing this game?
  44. Why can’t Mario play basketball? Every time he gets a power-up, he thinks he can fly!
  45. What do you call a very quiet Mario character? Ninji!
  46. What’s Bowser’s favorite part of a song? The bridge!
  47. Why does Yoshi never lie? Because he always spills the Yoshi eggs!
  48. Why did Luigi become a ghost hunter? He had experience with boos!
  49. How does Mario cut his pizza? With Lakitu’s cloud!
  50. What’s Bowser’s favorite dance? The Fire-Ball!
  51. Why does Mario hate fast food? It’s too hard to ketchup!
  52. Why does Yoshi carry an umbrella? Just in case of a shell fall!
  53. What did Mario say to Peach during their tennis match? “You served me well, Princess!”
  54. Why is Toad the best at Track and Field? He always takes the mushroom sprint!
  55. What’s Mario’s favorite type of pasta? Pipe-rigatoni!
  56. What did Bowser say to Peach at the beach? You shell look good!
  57. Why does Luigi carry a vacuum? He’s afraid of dirt, and ghosts!
  58. Why did Yoshi cross the road? Because it was a shortcut to the finish line!
  59. Why is Mario so good at jumping? Because he does squats every day!
  60. What’s Peach’s favorite exercise? She likes to do peach press!
  61. Why is Bowser so grumpy? He’s got a shell of a temper!
  62. Why did Mario wear a red hat? Because he didn’t want to be spotted!
  63. What do you call Mario when he’s thinking? Wonder-bro!
  64. What’s Wario’s favorite day of the week? Waah-nesday!
  65. Why did Mario go to space? To rescue the Star Spirits!
  66. How does Luigi like his eggs? Fried, just like the Boos!
  67. Why can’t Peach play basketball? Her crown always gets in.
  68. Why is Bowser never invited to parties? He always wants to be the center of “a-tension”!
  69. What do you call it when Mario beats a level? A pipe dream come true!
  70. What is Mario’s least favorite type of music? Heavy metal, it’s too hard on the pipes!
  71. Why did Yoshi go to the art exhibit? He heard it was egg-citing!
  72. Why doesn’t Luigi like talking to Toads? He thinks they’re a bit too cap-py!
  73. What is Mario’s favorite chip? Prin-gles!
  74. Why does Bowser avoid eating in Italian restaurants? He’s worried about getting served Koopa soup!
  75. Why doesn’t Peach mind when Mario comes over? Because he always brings flower power!
  76. What’s Mario’s favorite month? Jump-ly!
  77. Why did Wario get kicked out of the museum? Because he couldn’t stop waah-ndering!
  78. Why did Luigi go to the sale at the department store? Because he heard there were free boos!
  79. How does Yoshi feel after eating too much? Dino-sore!
  80. What did Mario say after he defeated Bowser? That was a shell of a fight!
  81. Why did Peach go to the tennis court? To serve some love!
  82. Why can’t Mario work in an office? He’d keep climbing the corporate ladder!
  83. Why did Yoshi take up racing? He was tired of being in the egg-shell lane!
  84. What did Luigi bring to the picnic? Ghost sandwiches!
  85. Why is Mario a good actor? He always nails the jump-scares!
  86. What did the Chain Chomp say to Mario? Bite to meet you!
  87. Why did Peach bake a cake? To show Mario she’s a Peach of cake!
  88. Why doesn’t Mario mind being hit by Bowser’s fireballs? He’s used to handling hot situations!
  89. Why was Bowser feeling blue? He got the Koopa Troopa blues!
  90. Why did Toad apply to be a comedian? Because he cracks up the Mushroom Kingdom!
  91. What is Mario’s favorite dessert? Peach pie!
  92. Why is Luigi afraid of the dark? He doesn’t want to meet the Boos!
  93. What’s Mario’s favorite type of music? Pipe organ!
  94. Why did Bowser become a politician? He’s used to taking over kingdoms!
  95. Why did the Goomba join the soccer team? He’s a natural header!
  96. What did Luigi say after he lost the race? I guess I wasn’t fast green-ough!
  97. Why did Yoshi become a detective? He had a knack for cracking egg-cases!
  98. How does Mario ask Peach out? “Do you want to take a spin on my kart?”
  99. What’s Wario’s favorite holiday? Halloween, because of the Boo!
  100. Why does Bowser never win? He always plays with fire!
  101. What did Peach say to Mario during their kart race? “You’re the apple of my drive!”
  102. What did the Lakitu say at the wedding? “I’m on cloud nine!”
  103. Why did Yoshi visit the volcano? He wanted to have a blast!
  104. Why did Mario become a singer? He wanted to hit the high notes!
  105. What did the Thwomp say to Mario? “You’re under pressure!”
  106. Why did Luigi bring a flashlight to the ghost house? He wanted to lighten the mood!
  107. What does Mario say when he’s shocked? Mamma Mia!
  108. Why did Bowser fail his driving test? He kept spinning out on the track!
  109. What did Toad say at the comedy show? “I’m a mushroom for laughter!”
  110. What’s Mario’s favorite social media platform? Vine, for all those climbing videos!
  111. Why did Peach go to the spa? She needed to feel like a Princess!
  112. Why did Luigi join a band? He wanted to play the Luigi-board!
  113. How does Mario say goodbye? “Pasta la vista!”
  114. What did the Paratroopa say to Mario? “I’m over you!”
  115. Why did Bowser join the choir? He wanted to be a roaring success!
  116. Why was Yoshi the best in his music class? He had the best scales!
  117. What’s Mario’s favorite type of literature? Pipe-etry!
  118. Why did Peach start a band? To be the rock princess!
  119. Why does Luigi love gardening? He has a green thumb!
  120. What’s Wario’s favorite movie? The Gold Rush!
  121. Why did Mario go to the mechanic? His kart was feeling a little draggy!
  122. How does Bowser apologize? He sends a shell-o-gram!
  123. What did Luigi say to the angry Boo? “Why the long fright?”
  124. What does Yoshi take when he has a headache? Egg-cedrin!
  125. Why did Mario become a referee? He was good at making the calls!
  126. What did Toad say when he got promoted? “I’m a cap-italist now!”
  127. What did Peach say at the beach? “This is peachy!”
  128. Why did Bowser go to the doctor? He had shell shock!
  129. Why did Luigi start a recycling program? He wanted to be green!
  130. What did Wario say at the auction? “Waah-nt it!”
  131. What did Bowser say when he entered the race? “I’m on fire!”
  132. How did Yoshi feel after eating all the apples? He was absolutely dino-sated!
  133. Why did Peach write a book? She wanted to share her royal-tea!
  134. What’s Mario’s favorite game besides his own? “Donkey Kong,” it’s where he started!
  135. Why did Luigi join the circus? He was good at juggling Boos!
  136. What did Bowser say when he climbed the mountain? “This is peak performance!”
  137. How did Mario feel when he jumped the highest? On top of the world!
  138. Why did Yoshi refuse the salsa dance? He didn’t want to crack his shell!
  139. What did Peach say to Mario at the grand ball? “You’re the king of my castle!”
  140. Why did Toad start a mushroom farm? He wanted to grow his cap-ital!


In the colorful universe of Mario, laughter and levity abound, thanks to the endearing characters and their amusing escapades. These jokes serve as a delightful reminder of the enduring appeal of the Mushroom Kingdom and its beloved inhabitants.

As Mario continues to leap over hurdles and stomp on Goombas, these lighthearted quips keep the spirit of fun alive, offering a cheerful tribute to the timeless joy that Mario and his friends bring to fans of all ages.

So, let these jokes be a warp pipe to moments of mirth and fond memories, keeping the whimsy of Mario alive in our hearts and gaming consoles.

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